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A B.S. Major- Health Promotion-Community Health (HPCH)
will give you an introduction to the main ideas and theories of the profession but the really nice bit (and the thing that makes the major a little special) is that it gives you real hands-on experience. You learn skills in community organizing and mobilization, research and grant writing. You learn how to design health communication material such as pamphlets/posters and web-sites. You don’t just sit in a classroom, you actually do it. As a sophomore you will work on community service projects. As a junior and senior you will work with two or three other students to develop and manage a health promotion campaign for a business or a not for profit. Of course, we give you all the help and support you need along the way. What all this means is that when you graduate, you really know what you are doing - you also have enough experience down on your resume to give you a real leg up when it comes to applying for your first job. Almost all of our recent majors have found employment within a few months of graduating

Students majoring in health promotion: Community Health must complete all requirements of the HERS Department and all the requirements for graduation specified in the academic policies. It is recommended that all students completing this degree also complete a minor in health-related field or double major in an area that will complete the health promotion degree. Suggested minors include: Wellness Coaching, Biology, Business Administration, Child Advocacy Studies, Communication Studies, Gerontology, Global Studies, Intercultural Communications, Management, Marketing, Mass Communication, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, Training Development, or Women's and Gender Studies.

Students must have a 2.5 Major GPA to intern and graduate with this degree.

Required Course work: Download the PDF file