KEAP Center Clubs and Organizations

We believe that the college experience is what you make it. That means getting involved in activities outside the classroom. We work closely with the cultural clubs below. There are several other organizations ranging from academic clubs to athletic clubs, to fraternities and sororities for you to be a part of as well. For more information, please visit the Student Clubs & Organizations Page.

Asian American Club (AAC)

Student Contact: Emma Stupke at
Co-Advisors: Alexander Hines at & Xao Vang at

Black Cultural Organization (BCO)

Student Contact: Leah Peterson at
Co-Advisors: Connie "CJ" Johnson at 

Fighting for Our Rights and Gender Equality (FORGE)

Student Contact: Emily Homan at and Bobbi Wrona at
Advisor: Tamara J Berg at

Full Spectrum: Winona State University Gender and Sexuality Alliance

Student Contact: Leah Bentfield at
Advisor: Joan Francioni at

Hillel-Jewish Student Organization (JSO)

Student Contact: Cara Luebke at
Advisor: Colette Hyman at

Hmong American Student Association (HASA)

Student Contact: Nahla Yeejsuab at
Co-Advisors: Xao Vang at

Latino-American Student Organization (LASO)

Student Contacts: Gloria Alatorre at
Advisor: Amy Uribe at & Alexander Hines at

Muslim Student Association

Student Contacts: Khatija Choudhry at
Advisor: Alexander Hines at

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity

Student Contact: Aaron Anderson at
Advisor: Alexander Hines at

Somali Student Association

Student Contact: Nasteho Abbas at & Siham Mahamood at
Advisor: Nikki Herold at

Spanish Club

Student Contact: Abbey Hammell at
Advisor: Joyce Stellick at

Saudi Student Association

Student Contact: Mohamed El-Rous at
Advisor: Alexander Hines at

(SILCC) Mentoring Program

Student Contacts: Khatija Choudhry at, Marissa Gomez at and Kelly Nichols at 
Advisor: Xao Vang at