H.O.P.E. Academy Curriculum


Here are courses offered at WSU within the H.O.P.E. Academy curriculum:

  • MATH 100 Survey of Mathematics - Illustrates the connection between contemporary mathematics and modern society. 
  • MATH 120 Precalculus - Focuses on equation solving, symbolic/algebraic manipulation and graphing various functions.
  • BIOL 118 General Biology - Utilizes the scientific method while studying living organisms.
  • CHEM 212 Principles of Chemistry I - Includes lecture and laboratory that involves an in-depth study of the many principles of chemistry.
  • ENG 111 College Reading and Writing  - Reading and writing abilities are strengthened through the exploration of texts, conduction of research and utilization of citations.
  • ENG 112 Research Writing - Course focuses on researching and composing a documented argumentative essay.
  • WGSS 220 Intersections of Privilege and Power - Issues of race, class, sex and gender are discussed while exploring power and privilege in modern society.
  • PESS 144 Contemporary Activities - A variety of activities will be introduced as a means of encouraging movement and expanding the student’s leisure interest profile. 
  • POLS 177 Human Nature, Politics and Violence - A study of the questions about violence and its origins, causes and cures.
  • CME 103 Understanding EngineeringOverview of engineering and various engineering disciplines for those who want to learn to be an engineer.
  • CS 115 Computer System and Internet Technology - Explores the principles and strategies for navigating computer systems, servers and the Internet.