H.O.P.E. Academy



Rill Reuter

Professor Rill Reuter is an Assistant Professor in the Chemistry Department at Winona State University.  She holds a master’s degree in biochemistry from Yale University and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Connecticut College.   Her research interests have focused on nucleic acids and photosynthesis. She has co-authored several scientific articles and had served as an accuracy reviewer for chemistry texts.  She has been active both in the university and in the community.  In addition to teaching, she enjoys music and history.   

Nate Emerson

Nate Emerson currently serves as Vice President of Student Affairs at Minnesota State Southeast Technical College. He has over 26 years of experience in higher education to include: admissions counselor, director of financial aid, director of institutional research and interim director of finance. He dedicated to community service with his involvement with the Kiwanis, Special Olympics and the Human Rights Commission of Winona, Minnesota.

Joyati Debnath

Dr. Joyati Debnath is currently a Full Professor of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Winona State University (WSU), Minnesota.  Professor Debnath received M. S. degree in Pure Mathematics and Ph. D. degree in Applied Mathematics from Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.  She received numerous Honors and Awards including the Best Teaching Award from Iowa State University, the Outstanding Woman of Education Award, and Whose Who Among American Teachers.  Prior to joining WSU, Dr. Debnath was a faculty member of Mathematics and Computer Systems at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls, Wisconsin

Dr. Debnath has research interest in the areas of Topological Graph Theory, Integral Transform Theory, Partial Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problem, Associations of Variables, Discrete Mathematics, and Software Engineering Metrics and Tools. Dr. Debnath is an author or co-author of over 50 publications in numerous refereed journals and conference proceedings in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Dr. Mary Jo Klinker

Dr. Mary Jo Klinker teaches courses in the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program at Winona State. She teaches courses ranging from “Feminist Theories and Politics,” “Introduction to LGBTQ Studies,” “Contemporary Masculinities,” and “Intersections of Power and Privilege.” She received her PhD in American Studies from the Department of Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies at Washington State University. When she isn’t teaching, she enjoys spending time with her dog, cooking, and engaging in feminist analysis of popular culture.

Fredrick Lee

Fred Lee is the chairperson and professor in the Political Science department and has been at WSU for 23 years. He is a Vietnam –era veteran and has a son and two grandchildren. Fred enjoys teaching and has lived in France. He’s excited for this year’s H.O.P.E. Academy!