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The Psychology Department provides internship opportunities for students every semester through the PSY 404 course. These are excellent opportunities for students to explore possible career areas and make connections in the community.  

Internships in the Psychology Department are coordinated by department, and the department will match a student with an internship suited to their interests.  

Because of the training of our students and the care we take screening interns and matching them with appropriate site, our interns are in high demand and well-received by our community partners.

Benefits of Internships

Benefits include

  • Exposure to fields of psychology to help guide post-WSU plans
  • Experience that can help job searches and graduate school applications
  • Internship Opportunitiesthat may lead to employment opportunities

Time and Credit Requirements

Internships typically require a commitment of 10 hours a week with a few internships requiring 20 hours a week. All internships require that students register for PSY 404: Internship.

Prerequisites for PSY 404

PSY 420: Abnormal Psychology and PSY 431: Counseling and Clinical Psychology are required for human service/school/nonprofit sites. For data-based project sites, PSY 231: Statistics and PSY 308/309: Experimental Psychology/Lab are required.

PSY 404 Course Objectives

Students taking PSY 404: Internships will

  • Understand and apply developmental models of experiential learning
  • Identify areas of development and growth over the course of internship experience
  • Appreciate ethical standards and diverse work settings
  • Apply problem solving models to internship challenges and conflicts
  • Use models of self-care for stress
  • Reflect on internship experience and use it to guide future education and career choices

Application Process

Internships are typically completed by senior students.

To take advantage of the internship opportunities students must:

Attend an orientation meeting the semester before they wish to participate in an internship (announcements will be emailed to students and posted around Phelps Hall)
Submit application materials (e.g., form, essays and self-evaluation of skills) and interview with Dr. Casselman. The application form is available in the Psychology Office
Complete an interview with their prospective internship site

If you have questions about internship opportunities, contact Dr. Robert Casselman

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