Academic Colleges

No matter which College your program belongs to, you can be sure to receive an education that prepares you with the knowledge, skills, and experiences you need to be successful.

College of Business
WSU’s College of Business offers innovative, high-value business programs that intellectually engage and challenge its students, consistently leading to a high level of student and graduate success.

Underscoring that success is the fact that our College is built on the framework of supportive professors and real-life experiential learning opportunities.

This approach lays the groundwork for our students to not only succeed, but also create their more.

Explore Business
A group of students work on a project in the WSU Engagement Center.
Program Options

Between undergraduate majors and minors as well as certificates and graduate degrees.

AACSB Accredited

This designation is shared by less than 5% of the world’s business schools.

Top University
for Professional Sales Education

WSU has been ranked highly by the Sales Education Foundation since 2015.

College of Education
Few professions are as critical to a healthy society as teaching, counseling, and leadership.

In our College of Education, you’ll find a full range of nationally accredited programs and degrees, along with earlier clinical experiences that you won’t get elsewhere.

If you’re looking for an education that will help you impact the future and improve our world at the same time, you’ve found it.

Explore Education
A female student reads to a group of kids in a classroom.
Program Options

Between undergraduate majors and minors as well as certificates and graduate degrees.

Education Village

Opened in 2019, this facility offers state-of-the-art technology and collaboration spaces to prepare the next generation of educators.

Job Placement Rate

Nearly all students receive job offers for teaching positions after graduation.

College of Liberal Arts
The WSU College of Liberal Arts is home to 21 departments and programs in the fine and performing arts and social sciences.

This gives you choices, so you can design a degree that lets you be you.

Because many Liberal Arts courses also meet General Education requirements, students often complete additional majors or minors to expand their skills. 

Explore Liberal Arts
Students chat in the lobby of the Performing Arts Center before a show.
Program Options

Between undergraduate majors and minors as well as certificates and graduate degrees

8 Semesters
or Less

The average time for students to complete a Liberal Arts bachelor’s degree

$876.7 Billion
in Economic Value in 2020

Arts and cultural production are a major facet of the United States according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis

College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Winona State has a rich history and distinguished reputation in the field of nursing.

Over the years, the College of Nursing and Health Sciences has extended that reputation of excellence into:

  • Health, Exercise, and Rehabilitative Sciences
  • Recreation and Tourism, and Therapeutic Recreation
  • Social Work

Our programs are designed to graduate caring, ethical, and competent professionals who are sensitive to diversity and prepared to work with people through all states of health and wellness.

Explore Nursing & Health Sciences
Three students conduct a fitness test with a treadmill in the Exercise Science lab.
Program Options

Between undergraduate majors and minors as well as certificates and graduate degrees.

Mayo Clinic Affiliate
for Clinicals & Internships

Our campus locations in Rochester and Winona allow us to have a long-standing partnership with Mayo Clinic for student clinical placements.

Study Abroad
and Graduate on Time

Students can explore how healthcare is approached outside the United States with study abroad opportunities that work within their graduation timeline.

College of Science & Engineering
The College of Science and Engineering is inspiring the next generation of innovators and teachers and promotes research to further advances in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Hands-on learning is critical for STEM fields. That’s why our students get out in the field often and have access to impressive equipment and lab spaces.

We also offer opportunities to do real research alongside faculty members—the type of experiences typically reserved for graduate students at larger institutions.

Explore Science & Engineering
A student carefully mixes chemicals in a beaker in a lab.
Program Options

Between undergraduate majors and minors as well as certificates and a master’s program.

Career Placement or Graduate Study

Our students graduate ready to land jobs in related fields or continue their education for advanced degrees.

$5 Million
Invested in Equipment

In the Composite Materials Engineering program, undergraduate students actually use the specialized equipment instead of simply observing in labs.