College of Science & Engineering

The College of Science and Engineering is committed to inspiring the next generation of innovators, teachers, and leaders.

By promoting research and scholarship to our students, we strive to further advancement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

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“You won’t be told to just read a chapter — you are going to use what you learned.” — Renee Fisher, Biology Major

Our college offers a broad range of major, minor, pre-professional, and graduate programs. Through these programs, we strive to provide students with the basic skills, interdisciplinary, and research-rich learning environments they need to succeed. 


Stephan Shaw ’22

Stephen Shaw has been curious about how things work since he was a kid. And now with his Engineering degree, he has the skills and freedom to build his own career—and grow within it.

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Jessica Anderson

Biology graduate Jessica Anderson is living the Warrior Life as a student who’s eager to help others by volunteering in the community and getting involved on campus.

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Mary Larson ’21

Thanks to her Environmental Science and Geography classes at WSU, Mary Larson is enthusiastic to work with water and protect our natural resources in the future.

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Engineering for Career Opportunities

Southeastern Minnesota is a hub of engineering and manufacturing firms. WSU partners with local industry leaders to design engineering programs that provide the necessary skills so that graduates can successfully take on in-demand engineering roles.

Hands-on Learning
We prioritize hands-on learning to best prepare you for your future career. 

From our established facilities to the natural resources right in our backyard, there is no shortage of interactive learning environments. 

Here are some of the things you may do as a Science & Engineering student at WSU:

  • Study the Mississippi with a special classroom boat or monitor fish populations in a trout stream
  • Find composite material solutions for new products, enter data analytics competitions or design a video game
  • Use the latest geotechnical equipment on a field trip
  • Collaborate with hospital staff in clinical research or present your own research results at a national conference
Students work together with surveying equipment during a field experience.

We have a variety of established centers that provide unique student learning and employment opportunities in “real-world” research and problem-solving. 

Composite Materials Technology Center (COMETC)

Run by the Engineering Department, COMTEC tests manufactured materials and products for local and regional companies needing quality assurance and specification testing.

The center also serves as a working laboratory for instruction and engineering research.

Large River Studies Center (LRSC)

Administered through the Biology Department, LRSC provides students with the opportunity to conduct research on large river ecosystems and associated bodies of water.

LRSC also shares information about the upper Mississippi River and other large river ecosystems to local, regional, and scientific communities.

Statistical Consulting Center

The Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) is operated by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Its primary mission is to enhance research efforts by providing quality statistical support to faculty and students.

Center of Engaged Teaching & Scholarship

The Center provides academic experiences for students that engage them in authentic, relevant, and important community work.

Students in the College of Science & Engineering can apply for many scholarships from the WSU Foundation.

Scholarships are based off area of study, career goals, financial need, academic success, and more. 

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A student looks up from a microscope and smiles.

College of Science & Engineering Events

Each semester, we offer several events to bring together science & engineering students while expanding your knowledge.