Consumer Information

We’ve gathered important consumer information to help you make an informed decision about choosing to attend WSU and how to pay for your education.

Information about WSU in general, our academic programs, financial aid options, and student resources is widely available across the University website.

The Department of Education College Navigator website also provides detailed data about WSU.

Student’s Rights & Responsibilities

Take the time to understand your rights and responsibilities as a student when it comes to paying for your education.

You are making financial decisions that will affect your life for years to come.

Important Information

Students with documented disabilities can receive academic accommodations with Access Services to help them be successful at Winona State.

WSU follows FERPA, which means that student data is protected and access to academic records and other types of personal information requires specific authorization from the student.

WSU reports institutional data on various factors of student success outcomes, including:

  • Retention Rates
  • Graduate Enrollment in Graduate/Professional School Information and Employment Outcomes
  • ​Completion/Graduation/Transfer-Out Rates
  • Completion/Graduation/Transfer-Out Rates for Athletes
  • Demographic Information on Student-Athlete Scholarship Awards