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Travel the globe with over 100 study abroad programs in 43 countries and meet what’s possible beyond WSU.

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When you take the opportunity to study away, a new world of possibilities opens up.

You’ll earn credits toward your degree and have travel experiences while also:

  • Gaining insights into different cultures
  • Networking to build friendships and professional connections
  • Strengthening your ability to communicate and collaborate with diverse groups of people
  • Growing more flexible, adaptable, confident, and independent as you navigate new situations

Find the program that best suits your educational, professional, and personal goals.

Semester Abroad
Live independently in another country and study at a host university for an immersive cultural experience.

Semester abroad programs are full semesters with options for fall, spring, summer—or even the whole academic year.

Semester Abroad Programs
A female student poses on a stone wall with a view of historic buildings in a European city.
Student Experiences
I knew that study abroad would give me the language skills I needed to be the best teacher I could be… and it also allowed me to live in a culture 6,000+ miles away. That truly gave me the opportunity to grow, make mistakes, and learn.
Allison Moga ‘21, Spanish Education Major & TESOL Education Major | Study Abroad Program with SOL Education Abroad in Argentina
The biggest impact of my faculty-led program was not only forming connections with my peers and professors, but also experiencing Chinese culture on a level I had never imagined.
Jack Moore ‘20, Public Relations Major | Faculty-led Program: Exploring New Media Applications in a Global Communication & Marketing
I chose to study abroad because I have always wanted to see the world. These experiences allowed me to do that while gaining credits for school.
Emma Herbeck ‘21, Movement Science Major | Study Abroad Program at Salford University & Faculty-led Program: Peru – Health Promotion in a Developing Country
Faculty-Led Programs
Travel with other WSU students as a class led by WSU faculty. Everything from airfare to lodging and excursions is arranged for you.

Faculty-led programs are 2-4 weeks long and offered during the summer, spring, and winter breaks.

Faculty-Led Programs
A group of WSU students and faculty pose together while visiting a heritage site.
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Where will you go? There are so many study away programs to choose from at WSU.

Fulbright Programs
Study, teach, or conduct research in countries around the world with the Fulbright Program.

Grants are available to recent alumni, graduate students, faculty, and K-12 educators.

Fulbright Programs
A group of WSU faculty and students pose together.

Passport Services
The WSU Study Abroad Office is an official U.S. Department of State Passport Acceptance Facility.

This makes it easy to apply for a new passport whether you’re a student, faculty, staff, or community member.

Get Your Passport
A United States passport laid on various application papers.

Worldly Warriors Photo Contest 

The Worldly Warrior Photo Contest is an annual contest encouraging study abroad students to share pictures of their experiences. 

Entries are accepted at the beginning of every summer term. Enter to win this year’s contest by Aug. 28.

A panel of judges selects 8 semifinalists in each category based on:

  • photo quality 
  • content, and
  • geographic representation 

The top 8 photos in each category will be chosen as semifinalists. These semifinalists are then posted in the WinonaStudyAbroad Instagram story for a final round of voting. 

Winners are announced at the end of the summer, and student winners are awarded prizes: 

  • First Place: $25 Amazon gift card
  • Second Place: $20 Amazon gift card
View the Winners in the Photo Contest Instagram Highlight

Enter the Photo Contest

Submit photos that illustrate something unique to your experience, showing sensitivity to host culture. Winning photos tend to be the ones that engage the viewer and draw them in. 

While photos of yourself on the beach or in front of Big Ben can be great (in fact, that’s perfect for the Selfie category!), think beyond that.

Show us what’s behind the scenes of your host community. Give us a glimpse of what’s unique or special about where you were and who you met. 

Enter the 2024 Worldly Warriors Photo Contest
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