Clubs & Activities

At WSU, you’re more than just a student. Your social life is a big part of your college experience.

You are part of a campus community, which means making friends, having fun, and exploring interests outside the classroom.

Whether you’re a leader or a team player, there are so many ways for you to join in at WSU.

Whatever way you choose to get involved, you can build up your co-curricular transcript. The co-curricular transcript is an official document that tracks your commitments outside the classroom that you can include on job or graduate school applications.

It’s a great representation of all the skills and experiences you gained in college beyond what your GPA can reflect.

Student Clubs & Organizations
With well over 100 student clubs at WSU, you have options to find your niche with like-minded people and expand your network with those of different perspectives.
Explore Clubs
Students pose together at their club table during the club fair.

Want to nerd out with others in your major? There are plenty of academic clubs to choose from. Ready to explore a personal hobby? We have a club for that—from anime to frisbee golf to ballroom dance!

Looking to volunteer? There are community-focused clubs for that. Wondering how you can practice your religion and celebrate your heritage? There are student organizations for that, too.

So Many Clubs, So Little Time

Here’s how to choose which clubs to join and find a good balance between your social life and your studies.

How to Choose the Right Club

 Don’t see an organization that speaks to you? Create your own student club!

Students talk together at a club table during the fall club fair.
Get Your Game On

When you head to college, you don’t have to say goodbye to the fun and friendship of high school sports.

Game at the Esports Lounge
Whether you’re a new player or seasoned veteran, the Warrior Esports Lounge is a place for you to enjoy video games and hang out with fellow gamers.

Here you can play more than two dozen games on PCs and Nintendo Switches—all for free!

Enjoy the Lounge
Make a Difference
There are many opportunities at WSU for aspiring student leaders to share their voices and make a difference on campus.
A female student gives a presentation to an audience in the McCown Gym.
Winonan Student Newspaper

Since 1919, student journalists have been informing the campus on news and events in The Winonan.

This student-run newspaper is published weekly with online articles and print editions available in campus buildings.

Join The Winonan staff for a unique creative outlet and to develop your journalism skills.

Student Senate

As a senator, you’ll represent your fellow students in campus-wide decisions and events at WSU.

Student Senate has addressed topics like textbook affordability, pedestrian safety, and more.

Serving on Student Senate is a great way to build your resumé (not to mention your co-curricular transcript), gain incredible leadership experience, and make a difference on campus.

Leadership Training

Leadership skills are essential in many careers, but they don’t come naturally to everyone.

With the Warriors LEAD Series, you can get hands-on leadership training to build your skills and become a great leader.

Through group discussions and other activities, you’ll learn how to highlight your unique strengths using leadership tools.

StartUp Winona State

Have you ever thought about starting a business?

StartUp Winona State helps students bring their ideas to the next level and become the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Even as our world needs more innovative solutions, it can be hard to take an idea to a successful business or non-profit all on your own.

That’s where StartUp Winona State comes in to connect people who have ideas and energy with the resources and training they need to take action.