Start a Club or Organization

While WSU has over 140 clubs already, there’s always room for more. 

Have a great idea for a new club? Start the process for creating a new club.

Find Club Members & a Club Advisor

You need to have at least 10 currently enrolled students at WSU who will be active members of this new club or organization.

Make sure to have a list of students with first and last names spelled correctly. You may also want to include their WSU email. 

You must have a WSU faculty or staff member to serve as your university advisor. You can have another advisor from the Winona community in addition to your university advisor. 

Your selected advisor must fill out and sign an advisor agreement (PDF) that will be emailed to them once you have submitted your new club request. 

Your advisor must complete this process within 1 week of filling out the club proposal form for Student Senate to review your request.

Establish a Club Constitution

A constitution outlines the rules and policies that guide your club’s operations. Use the sample club constitution (PDF) as a template. 

Please label your constitution as “___ Club Constitution 20xx (year submitted).” 

Here are some tips for writing the constitution: 

  • Ensure that you include all required language as outlined in the sample constitution template (PDF)
  • Add additional information to make this document one that properly reflects how your club/organization operates
  • Make sure several people review it and that it is approved by club members

You must review your constitution each year to make sure it is still an accurate reflection of how your club/organization operates. Then, update it with the annual club registration process

Get Approval

First, fill out the New Club/Organization Proposal Form. You will need to have 10 club members, a constitution, and your club advisor established before you start the online form. 

The ASO Director will receive an email with this information and review it to make sure all required material is included in the roster and constitution.

The ASO Director will bring the proposed new club to the Judicial Committee in Student Senate. The Constitution and roster will be reviewed by the Judicial Committee members.

If approved by the Judicial Committee, the club will be put on the consent agenda for the next Student Senate meeting. If not approved, the ASO Director will reach out to the primary contact and take the necessary actions. 

If approved by the Student Senate body in the consent agenda, the club will be approved manually by the ASO Director, and you should receive an email the following day. 

Finalize Details & Get Started

Upon Senate approval, the club will be added to the WSU Student Club & Organization List

You may need to finish filling out additional information in the Club Directory to finalize your new club.

After Student Senate has approved your proposal, your club or organization will be able to reserve rooms on campus and apply for funding.

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