Event Planning

WSU offers plenty of space to host a variety of events, from small meetings to large gatherings.

Room Reservations

Whether you’re looking for a room to hold a team meeting, have a club meeting, or host an event, WSU has options across campus. 

Room reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis only. Academic scheduling has priority use of university facilities. 

Students, Faculty & Staff

Use the EMS room reservation system to book group study rooms and event spaces across campus. 

To find an open space, browse the campus schedule and sort by size or location. 

There is no fee to reserve most rooms for university-related events sponsored by WSU organizations, groups, or individuals. The only exception may be for Kryzsko Commons Student Union.

An audience claps after a student gives a presentation.

Community Members

Community members and partner organizations should contact for space reservations on the Winona campus.

Community members line up for a food at an event on the WSU campus in Winona.

Kryzsko Commons Meeting Room Capacities 

The Purple Rooms and the Oak Rooms have flexible interior walls, so the rooms can be combined into larger spaces. 

Capacities are subject to change.

LocationSetup StyleCapacitySet Up Diagram
Kryzsko BallroomChairs Only/Theater500
Kryzsko BallroomBanquet 360
Kryzsko BallroomClassroom144
Kryzsko BallroomTabling/Tradeshow52
SolariumChairs Only/Theater226
SolariumBanquet (Standard Set Up)128
SolariumU Shaped26
SolariumHollow Square36
Baldwin LoungeChairs Only/Theater296
Baldwin LoungeBanquet (Standard Set Up)176
Baldwin LoungeClassroom90
Baldwin LoungeTabling/Tradeshow32
Student Activities CenterChairs Only/Theater120
Student Activities CenterBanquet (Standard Set Up)64SAC Banquet Diagram (PDF)
Student Activities CenterClassroom42
Student Activities CenterU Shaped28
Student Activities CenterHollow Square28
Student Activities CenterTabling/Tradeshow14
Purple Rooms: 247, 248, & 249Chairs Only/Theater150
Purple Rooms: 247, 248, & 249Banquet 96
Purple Rooms: 247, 248, & 249Classroom68
Purple Rooms: 247, 248, & 249Hollow Square44
Purple Rooms: 247, 248, & 249Tabling/Tradeshow16
Purple Rooms: 247 & 248Chairs Only/Theater100
Purple Rooms: 247 & 248Banquet 72
Purple Rooms: 247 & 248Classroom40
Purple Rooms: 247 & 248U Shaped26
Purple Rooms: 247 & 248Hollow Square28
Purple Rooms: 248 & 249Chairs Only/Theater100
Purple Rooms: 248 & 249Banquet 72
Purple Rooms: 248 & 249Classroom40
Purple Rooms: 248 & 249U Shaped26
Purple Rooms: 248 & 249Hollow Square28
Purple Rooms: 247Chairs Only/Theater50
Purple Rooms: 247Classroom24
Purple Rooms: 247U Shaped16
Purple Rooms: 247Hollow Square16
Purple Rooms: 248Chairs Only/Theater44
Purple Rooms: 248Classroom24
Purple Rooms: 248U Shaped12
Purple Rooms: 248Hollow Square16
Purple Rooms: 249Chairs Only/Theater50
Purple Rooms: 249Classroom24
Purple Rooms: 249U Shaped12
Room 249 U Shaped Diagram (PDF) 
Purple Rooms: 249Hollow Square16
Oak Rooms: 223, 224, & 225Chairs Only/Theater143
Oak Rooms: 223, 224, & 225Banquet 96
Oak Rooms: 223, 224, & 225Classroom60
Oak Rooms: 223, 224, & 225Hollow Square44
Oak Rooms: 223, 224, & 225Tabling/Tradeshow16
Oak Rooms: 223 & 224Chairs Only/Theater90
Oak Rooms: 223 & 224Banquet 64
Oak Rooms: 223 & 224Classroom42
Oak Rooms: 223 & 224U Shaped24
Oak Rooms: 223 & 224Hollow Square28
Oak Rooms: 224 & 225Chairs Only/Theater90
Oak Rooms: 224 & 225Banquet 64
Oak Rooms: 224 & 225Classroom36
Oak Rooms: 224 & 225U Shaped24
Oak Rooms: 224 & 225Hollow Square28
Oak Rooms: 223 (E)Chairs Only/Theater40
Oak Rooms: 223 (E)Classroom24
Oak Rooms: 223 (E)U Shaped12
Oak Rooms: 223 (E)Hollow Square12
Oak Rooms: 224 (F)Chairs Only/Theater36
Oak Rooms: 224 (F)Classroom24
Oak Rooms: 224 (F)U Shaped12
Oak Rooms: 224 (F)Hollow Square12
Oak Rooms: 225 (G)Chairs Only/Theater36
Oak Rooms: 225 (G)Classroom24
Oak Rooms: 225 (G)U Shaped12
Oak Rooms: 225 (G)Hollow Square12
Conference Room 229Fixed Set Up14
Conference Room 252Fixed Set Up16
Conference Room 251Fixed Set Up8
Conference Room G100Fixed Set Up18
Conference Room 176Fixed Set Up10

Kryzsko Commons Maps

View Kryzsko Commons Floor Plans (PDF)

Kryzsko Commons Policies

When planning your event, make sure that you are familiar with the Kryzsko Commons Student Union Policies.