Manage a Club or Organization

Whether you are a long-time leader or brand new to club leadership, here are the resources you need to help ensure your club succeeds.

If you are looking to join a club, head over to the list of clubs and organizations at WSU.

If you have questions or concerns, email the ASO Director at

Keep Official Club Status

Being an active club or organization at WSU is a privilege, and it takes work from club leaders to keep a club going. 

Your club or organization must maintain an active status to receive any funding.

Requirements for Active Status

  1. Have at least 10 active club members who are students currently enrolled at WSU
  2. Participate in at least one club fair
  3. Complete the Annual Club and Organization Registration Process including the President’s, Treasurer’s, and WSU Advisor’s contact information. Also include the current membership roster and club constitution by the deadline.
  4. Ensure your advisor fills out the Advisor Agreement Form. This will be automatically emailed to the advisor annually.
  5. Complete a Semester Financial Review (SFR) each semester you receive funding from Student Senate.

Maintain Your Club Directory Entry

Make sure your club information is up to date in the Club Directory! This is one of the main ways that students learn about clubs on campus, so make it easy for them to connect with you.

Request Funding

Each year, official clubs and organizations can request money to cover club activities. However, funding is not guaranteed, and there are limits on the total amounts awarded.

If your club receives any funding, you will need to complete a financial review each semester. 

Learn more about requesting funds for your club.

Plan Travel & Make Purchases

As you organize club events, you may need to follow university processes for:

Attend ASO Meetings

The Alliance of Student Organizations is the overarching structure that manages recognized student organizations (RSOs) at WSU. 

The ASO director is an appointed individual through Winona State Student Senate who oversees all official WSU clubs and organizations. They also coordinate all club fairs, Student Leadership and Involvement Awards, Warrior Game Day Experience Days and mandatory ASO meetings.

ASO meetings occur at least three times per semester and are mandatory for all club leaders to attend.

At ASO meetings, you’ll learn important information about maintaining your club, opportunities to get your club involved on campus, required upcoming events and other updates from Student Senate.

If you have questions or concerns, email the ASO Director at

Promote & Grow Your Club

Learn how to reserve a room for regular club meetings or get a table in Kryzsko Commons.

You can also sign up for club fairs or participate in the Warrior Game Day Experience. These are great ways to get your club in front of potential new members.

If you want to advertise your club events and simply share the fun stuff your club is doing, here’s some campus resources you could use:

  • Use MarComm OneStop to request event promotion on the WSU Event Calendar, get help with poster design, publish digital signs and more
  • Create an official WSU club social media account through MarComm OneStop
Contact Student Senate
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ASO Director
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