Promote a Club

Clubs and organizations should promote themselves for recruitment of new members, fundraising, and to share information about their activities and events.

Club Fairs

The Alliance for Student Organizations (ASO) hosts multiple club and organization fairs each year. They are a great opportunity to recruit new members, share information and promote events.

All active and registered clubs must participate in at least one fair to maintain their active status, but we encourage you to participate in as many as possible to maintain a good membership base.  

The club fairs take place in the WSU Courtyard unless otherwise posted.

Tables will be set out in designated areas if outside or pre-set if inside a building. Everything will be available up to 30 minutes before the start of each fair. Each club/organization is allowed only one table, although multiple clubs/organizations can share a table if desired. 

Register for Club Fairs 

You must register online through WarriorSpace in advance to reserve a table for your club. You’ll need your StarID to login.

Contact the ASO Director at with any questions.

2023 Fairs

  • Welcome Weekend | Aug. 18
  • I LOVE WSU Day | Sept. 6
  • All-University Wellness Fair | Sept. 26 from 1-4pm
    Register by Friday, Sept. 22
  • Homecoming | Oct. 13 from 11am-1:30pm
    Register by Monday, Oct. 9
Warrior Game Day Experience

All clubs and organizations are invited to set up a table during the Warrior Game Day Experience events held prior to each home football game.

Clubs that participate each week will be entered into a drawing for $50 in club funding. All clubs that participate throughout the season will also be entered into a drawing for $250 in additional club funding.

The more you participate, the more chances to win!

If you register and cannot ultimately participate, please email

Register for WGDX Events

All clubs and organizations must register at least three days in advance of each WGDX. 

  • Sep. 9 | 11am-1pm
  • Sep. 23 (Family Weekend) | 11am-1pm
  • Oct. 14 (Homecoming) | 11am-2pm
  • Nov. 4 | 11am-1pm
  • Nov. 11 | 11-1pm

Please email if you have any questions.


Registered clubs and organizations are eligible to reserve a table in the Kryzsko Commons Student Union or the Courtyard/Gazebo area.

To reserve a table, use the online EMS system and either use the “WSU_Kryzsko Commons Student Union” or “WSU_Outdoor Space” reservation form.

Clubs/Organizations must abide by all policies of Kryzsko Commons Student Union if tabling inside.

Please email if you have any questions.

Contact Student Senate
Student Senate
109-110 Kryzsko Commons


Email Student Senate
Club Funding & Account Inquiries
Email Senate Treasurer
ASO Director
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