Club & Organization Registration Process

All clubs are required to update the following by Sept. 15, 2023: 

  • Club Directory
  • Leaders or Officers
  • Current Membership Roster 
  • Advisor Agreement
  • Constitution
  • Video Welcome Message

This is to ensure we have an accurate list of current clubs, advisors, and student leader contact information. Some club information is automatically uploaded to the Clubs & Organizations webpage to keep the public list as up to date as possible.

If you do not submit updated versions of the required club documents by the deadline, your club will be considered inactive. This means that your club will not:

  • have an official recognition as a club/organization at WSU 
  • be able to apply for funding, reserve rooms or use WSU resources 
  • be promoted on the Clubs & Organizations webpage

If you are a new club that has not been approved by Student Senate or your club lost recognition and wishes to start up again, you will need to follow the process for starting a new club

If you have any questions or problems with the forms, please contact Tracy Rahim at

Update Your Club Directory Listing

Each year, you must update your club directory listing with the latest constitution, membership roster and club leader contact information.

Log into the Online Club Directory.

You will select “edit existing club” and locate your club. You can also search for your club based on its category. Some clubs are listed as Winona State xx Club, or WSU xx Club, so look carefully!

Scroll down to start editing your club information. Only identified student club/organization leaders or the WSU advisor can make edits. Update names and contact information of President/Primary Contacts, Treasurer, other Officers/Leaders, and your WSU Faculty/Staff Advisor.

Only these identified leaders or officers on your Club Directory can submit official forms on behalf of your club. These forms include the Student Senate Funding Request Form and the Activity Registration Form.

For any questions, or to get edit access, please email the Alliance of Student Organizations Director at or Tracy Rahim at

Update your membership roster by using the people picker tool in the directory. Delete any inactive or graduated members and add in any new ones.

There must be at least 10 current WSU students (between leaders and general members) to be considered active and recognized. Members must be active in your club/organization and not just a part of an email list of interested students.

Search for members by WSU email address, StarID or Last Name, First Name.

Download your club constitution and make any necessary changes. Label it as “___ Club Constitution 2023-2024” and attach it to the club directory entry. If you don’t label it this way, we will assume that it hasn’t been updated that year.

If no changes are needed to your Constitution, then you can leave it as it is stored in the club directory.

All clubs and organizations must have the new required language (PDF) in an updated constitution. If this required language is not in your constitution, you will not be approved as an active club.

All clubs are required to record a new video welcome message each year to help give prospective students and potential new members more insight into what your club/organization is about, typical things you do, and how to join.

All videos must be uploaded to MediaSpace. Make sure to test your video link before submitting it. Follow these instructions (PDF) to create and upload your welcome message.

Click the submit button at the bottom of the page to ensure everything updates and is correct. This will send a workflow off to the ASO Director to review your Club Registration information for approval. If they have any questions or comments, they will let you know.

Submit the Annual Advisor Agreement Form

All clubs and organizations must have their advisor(s) fill out an Advisor Agreement Form (PDF) once a year. This ensures that there is accurate contact information for club/organization advisors in each group.

It is club leadership’s responsibility to make sure this form is complete and submitted on time. Email reminders will be automatically sent to your advisor as the due date approaches. 

You cannot remove an advisor until your new advisor has submitted an advisor form.

Contact Student Senate

Student Senate
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Email Student Senate
Club Funding & Account Inquiries
Email Senate Treasurer
ASO Director
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