The WSU Travel team provides oversight and facilitation of travel processes, policies, and procedures to ensure integrity, economy, efficiency, and accountability.

Here are some forms you will likely need: 

Know Before You Spend
The IRS requires employee business expenses to be submitted for reimbursement within 60 days after the purchase. After 60 days, the reimbursement will be taxed by federal, state, FICA, and Medicare, which causes extra costs for the University and the employee. Do not use your personal funds for airfare, as Winona State will not reimburse this expense.

Conference & Registration Fees

Conference registration fees can either be paid with a university credit card or with personal funds that will be reimbursed after the conference has concluded.

Faculty Travel

Student Travel

Any student requesting assistance with travel must be sure the budget or cash balance of the cost center account is sufficient to cover the expenses of the trip. Funds must be in the account before the Business Office can assist with making any financial commitments or payments.

Students should contact their Club Advisor or Faculty Leader for guidance regarding their travel purchases.

Rewards Programs 

Hotels, airlines, and retailers may offer benefits that include (but not limited to) cash payments, discount coupons, frequent flier miles, awards points, free future travel, and rebates as either compensation to dissatisfied customers or as loyalty rewards.

If you would like to create an account to accrue these benefits offered by the companies, you may. However, they can only be used for travel on behalf of WSU or a future business purchase.

Refer to Minnesota Statutes 43A.38 subdivision 2, and Code of Ethics subpart B policies

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