International Travel

International travel is defined as travel to all destinations outside the United States or its territories. 

You must get prior written approval for traveling abroad by submitting: 

A Student Travel Request Form is not required for students participating in semester abroad and faculty-led programs. 

Keep in mind that:

  • A travel request must be fully approved before travel may begin and before expenses may be incurred
  • Itemized receipts or invoices are required for all purchases
  • You must convert your reimbursement amounts to US dollars

Travel Advisories & Safety Concerns

Travel to locations with a US Department of State Travel Advisory of a level 2 or higher require additional information on the Travel Request Form. 

Travelers must report any changes in status to the level of Travel Advisory to the University immediately upon notification before and during the trip. International travelers are also responsible for meeting any requirements as published on Travel.State.Gov and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention websites before leaving for international travel. 

Under System Procedure 5.19.3, Part 10 Subp.F, the University President is authorized to suspend system-related international travel at any time— including while it is in progress— if significant health or safety concerns arise. 

Individuals who are authorized to travel internationally are responsible for maintaining contact with appropriate system officials to permit communication in the event of such a situation. 

Department of State registration will be required to facilitate the official communication about safety and conditions abroad by enrolling in the Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). 

Purchases for Faculty-Led Programs

University-issued credit card is the preferred method for making purchases while traveling during faculty-led programs. 

Apply for Credit Cards 

Submit a Credit Card Application to request a US Bank credit card. 

To get a Merchants credit card, you must: 

  • Already have an approved US Bank credit card
  • Have a need for cash while on the trip
  • Have approved Travel Requests for their faculty-led programs 

The Study Abroad Office will email the Travel Office to request the Merchants credit cards be ordered for the faculty leading faculty-led programs. The faculty members will be included on the email from the Study Abroad Office.

A few weeks prior to the program’s departure, the Study Abroad Office will contact: 

  • the Travel team about the Merchants credit card limit
  • the Purchasing team about any changes to US Bank credit card limits

Receipts & Reimbursement

When purchasing goods or services, credit card holders must make every effort to obtain an itemized receipt or have the vendor sign one in the paper receipt book issued. If this was impossible, please email the Travel Office to get more information about the receipt affidavit process.

If your receipts do not fully convert to the amount charged to your credit card, discuss with the Study Abroad Office as they will approve if the difference in amount is acceptable.

Contact the Travel Office or the Study Abroad Office if you have questions. 

Employees must submit an Employee Expense Report to be reimbursed for approved purchases made on their personal credit card while traveling.

Supervisors must approve Employee Expense Reports by June 4, as that is the deadline for fiscal year 2024 in anticipation of implementing Workday. Any Expense Reports for travel submitted or approved after June 4 must be resubmitted through Workday in July.

Contact the Business Office
Somsen 106
Email the Travel Team