Meet your 2023-2024 Student Senators.

Alizabelle Carman
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Student Senator Emma Ehlers
Emma Ehlers
Vice President
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Student Senator Jack O'Conner
Jack O'Connor
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Affiliate Positions

Student Senator Hannah Herman
Hannah Herman
ASO Director, College of Liberal Arts Seat
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Student Senator Elly Herrick
Elly Herrick
Communications Director
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Student Senator Madison Johannsen
Madison Johannsen
Executive Assistant
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Committee Chairs

Student Senator Payden Bainbridge
Payden Bainbridge
Student Services Chair, College of Nursing & Health Sciences Seat
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Student Senator Malia Hermerding
Malia Hermerding
Academic Affairs Chair, Senior Seat
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Student Senator Afrini Hossain
Afrini Hossain
Equity & Inclusive Excellence Chair, International Seat
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Elected Senators

Megan Abagat
Rochester Seat
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Student Senator Rayna Bowen
Rayna Bowen
College of Liberal Arts Seat
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Student Senator Brianna Carman
Brianna Carman
College of Nursing & Health Sciences Seat
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Phoenix Crass
Freshman Seat
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Sophia Crowe
Freshman Seat
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Max DeLuca
At-Large Seat
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Tim Galvin
At-Large Seat
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William Grams
Sophomore Seat
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Student Senator Garrett Haugen
Garrett Haugen
Junior Seat
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Paige Howarth
Junior Seat
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A white metal sculpture of the WSU Flaming W stands outside Somesen Hall.
Olivia Johnson
Sophomore Seat
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Kaylee Kapalczynski
College of Liberal Arts Seat
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A white metal sculpture of the WSU Flaming W stands outside Somesen Hall.
Alex Kurth
College of Nursing & Health Sciences Seat
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Finnbar McLaughlin
At-Large Seat
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A white metal sculpture of the WSU Flaming W stands outside Somesen Hall.
Morgan Minich
College of Business
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Mason Moran
Senior Seat
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Autumn Patterson
College of Liberal Arts Seat
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Tyler Peil
Graduate Seat
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Shanila Rahman Khan
College of Science & Engineering Seat
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Samina Sherchan
College of Business Seat
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Student Senator Reisa Snider
Reisa Snider
College of Nursing & Health Sciences Seat
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Student Senator Cameron Simon
Cameron Simon
College of Education Seat
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Student Senator Kate Stoeckly
Kate Stoeckly
College of Education Seat
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Alli Tetzloff
At-Large Seat
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A Message from President Carman

My name is Alizabelle Carman, and I am honored to serve as the Student Body President this year. I am thrilled to move into this new role and represent every student on this campus! We all chose Winona State for a reason, and I am so excited to represent a campus that continues to grow.

Being elected to this position, I have the honor to represent every student. With this role, my senate and I will address problems on campus. As students, we face similar struggles and notice similar issues. I love to hear from everyone who wants to see change, so I can lead you in the right direction. In my position, I have the ability to work with administration, faculty, and staff to make positive change here at Winona State. As students, we need to stick together to create the best place Winona State can be.

Student Senate has a place on campus to represent students of every major, class, and identity. We strive to make everyone feel comfortable in this place we call home. We work to create a campus that is affordable, cares about your well-being, and inclusive to everyone. Every single one of you are equally as helpful in creating the best campus we can be. Everyone’s voice matters and deserves to be heard. Don’t settle for something you don’t think is right. Advocate for yourself and the people around you. You deserve a great college experience. You deserve to feel seen.

This year, Student Senate’s goal is to create the most inclusive campus we can be. This includes expanding resources and creating a safe place for all students. In addition to this, we hope every student knows their mental health resources and knows that they can use them on campus. I encourage you all to know your resources and use them.

If you have questions or concerns about any aspect of Winona State University student life, do not hesitate to reach out to me directly at