Psychology Research

Psychology students can be involved in different forms of research at WSU such as: 

  • A neurological lab that allows students to use equipment and learn techniques usually limited to graduate students
  • Research on health behaviors and lifestyle choices of undergraduates
  • Research on psychological side-effects of pharmaceuticals (using animal models for depression and anxiety)
  • Studies on chronic or genetic childhood disorders and the impact they have on family members
  • Clinical research on aggression and father-son relationships

Participate as a Subject

You can find opportunities to participate in research projects posted on a bulletin board outside Phelps Hall 219.

Take a Class

Many classes give some background and experience in research. For example:

  • PSY 308 and 309 allow students to learn basic research skills.
  • PSY 408 (Advanced Experimental) allows students to design and carry out an individual research project as part of a course.

Many other courses like neuroscience have research or laboratory components.

Work as a Research Assistant

Many faculty have active research programs and welcome students to be research assistants on their projects.

Students can receive independent study credit (PSY 400) for these activities.

Talk to the faculty member you are interested in working with during the advising/registration period to plan for a future semester. Keep in mind that faculty may not have a current project or position available.

Propose a Study

If students have their own research project or topic they are interested in pursuing, they can: 

  • Look into taking Advanced Experimental Psychology (PSY 408) and discuss the idea with the instructor
  • Approach a faculty member about sponsoring a student project as an Independent Study (PSY 400). Again, some faculty may not have the time or expertise to take students on and mentor them, but always ask.
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