Program Overview


There are two options for Psychology majors:

Option A requires students to have a minor or second major. The major is small enough to allow students to pursue other academic interests. To help students plan their courses, we have created an Option A planning sheet (PDF).

Option B is for students who want to focus solely on psychology and do not want to pursue a minor. This option requires more diverse psychology courses and some additional requirements. To help students plan their courses, we have created an Option B planning sheet (PDF). 


Students interested in psychology but do not want to complete a full major may be interested in pursuing a minor.

Students may declare a major or minor or change options at any time by visiting the Psychology Office in Phelps Hall 231. They are encouraged to discuss options and possible minors with their advisors.  

Important Note: Students who declared a psychology major PRIOR TO 2013 may be under the old catalog and have slightly different major requirements. All students should check their DARS to make sure they are completing the appropriate courses.

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