BA Sociology Programs

The mission of the B.A. Sociology Program is to develop graduates with skills, values, and knowledge that will lead directly to employment or graduate school.

The Sociology Program at Winona State University emphasizes four goals for our sociology students:

  1. We emphasize the comprehension of sociological research through reading, critical evaluation and the conducting of original research.
  2. We teach and encourage the use of the sociological perspective.
  3. We stress effective communication, both written and oral.
  4. We demonstrate an understanding of social equality, social inequality and diversity.

The WSU Sociology Program has currently been revised to better serve our students. The following program requirements are for students declaring a major or minor beginning in Fall 2012.

B.A. Sociology Major Requirements
Minor in Sociology: General Sociology Requirements
Minor in Sociology: Gerontology Requirements

Course Descriptions

Download the Application for Admission to BA Sociology.

New Gerontology Minor!

Beginning in Fall 2013, the gerontology minor will be newly redesigned, with a focus on the interdisciplinary nature of gerontology itself. Dr. Aurea Osgood and Dr. Charissa Eaton (social work) have been working with faculty members from across the University and community partners from around Winona to design an improved curriculum for all students. For more information about gerontology and the career opportunities in this field, visit the Gerontological Society of America (

Sociology Travel Study!

In 2009, Dr. Jennifer Chernega and Dr. Aurea Osgood traveled with 25 sociology students to Washington, DC and Chicago for the first Sociology Travel Study: Urban Experiments. Click here to view the promotional poster.