About TLT

Our Mission

Teaching, Learning, and Technology Services empowers the entire campus community to utilize technology effectively by providing a wide range of learning opportunities, designing and maintaining engaging learning spaces, managing academic and workplace technology projects, and exploring new technologies that enrich digital life and learning.

Our Vision

Teaching, Learning, and Technology Services strives to become a trusted service provider that encourages innovation and experimentation and a recognized leader in the design of learning spaces and the support of a technology-empowered community of learners.

Our Operating Principles

Yes! We Can Help You

You are important to us. We would rather say, "Yes," than "No. We are dedicated to providing you with world-class service.

Our Success is Measured by Your Success

In all we do, we strive to help students, faculty, and staff achieve excellence and success.

Technology is Only Useful When It's Used

It makes no sense to invest in technology that isn't used. We want to see the greatest return on our technology investment.

Apply the Tool That Fits Best

When it comes to technology in the classroom or office, one size does not fit all. We listen and guide people to apply the tools that best fit their needs and requirements.

Big Opportunities Start as Small Questions

Basic questions and requests for help often lead to big opportunities for learning and innovation.

Watch the Horizon

Always keep looking for the next new trend, practice, or killer app with great potential to impact WSU and higher ed.

Students Can Help Students

One of our most important technology resources is our students' energy, enthusiasm, and talent. We help students help other students.

Good Learning Spaces = Good Learning

High quality formal and informal learning spaces promote good teaching and learning.

Learning Happens Everywhere

Learning spaces include more than just classrooms and even fixing problems can be a learning experience.

Professional Development For All

Everyone, students, faculty, and staff, should have the opportunity to learn and develop professionally in ways that benefit WSU.