Placement Information

Incoming students with no college credit in English and/or math will be placed in their initial English or math class based on their ACT sub scores as follows:


ACT English

Accuplacer  Score


18 or higher

78 or higher on Reading Comprehension

Eng 111 College Reading and Writing

17 or lower

Less than 78 on Reading Comprehension

Eng 099 Introduction to College Writing*




ACT Math

Accuplacer  Score


26 or higher    

76 or higher on Elementary Algebra & 70 or higher  on CLM

Math 212 Calculus

24or higher

76 or higher on Elementary Algebra & 60 - <70 on CLM

Math 120 Precalculus or

Math 140 Applied Calculus or

Math 142 Matrix Algebra

22 or higher

76 or higher on Elementary Algebra & 50 - <60 on CLM

Math 112 Modeling with functions for Business or Math 115 College Algebra or

Math 117 Precalculus with Modeling 

18 or higher

76 or higher on Elementary Algebra & Less than 50 on CLM

Math 110 Finite Mathematics or

 Math 202 Elements of Math

 Stats 110 Fundamentals of Statistics

18 or higher

50 - < 76 on Elementary Algebra

Math 100 Survey of Mathematics or

Math 050 Intermediate Algebra*

17 or lower

Less than 50 on Elementary Algebra

Math 050 Intermediate Algebra*or

Stats 100 Numbers & Data in Society

 * English 099 and Math 050 are developmental, non-degree credit courses. 


  • Students who are not satisfied with their placement based on their ACT score can take the Accuplacer exams to attempt improvement in their English/math placement level.
  • Students with previously earned credit in college level English or math may enroll in the next appropriate course regardless of ACT or test scores.
  • Students may choose to take a class in a lower placement level.
  • Students may re-test once if they are not satisfied with their placement and have done some additional preparation.

The Warrior Success Center will be offering Accuplacer placement testing on the following date and by appointment.

  • Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 8:00 am in Library 102
  • Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 3:00 am in Library 

Please call 507.457.5878 to sign up to test or email with your name and date you wish to test.

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Accuplacer Placement Guide
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For more information please visit the Warrior Success Center at Maxwell 314
or by calling 507.457.5878. You can also e-mail
Students must bring a photo ID to the testing site.