Academic Status

Students must maintain minimum standards for grade point average and course completion rate in order to remain enrolled and graduate from WSU. Students who fall below good standing will be notified of their status by the Warrior Hub at the end of each semester or summer term, if applicable. For more information go to the WSU Catalog Academic Standing Policy.

Good Standing

Students who meet the following minimum standards are in Good Standing academically:

  • 1.75 minimum WSU cumulative grade point average (GPA) for first 15 hours attempted
  • 2.00 minimum WSU cumulative GPA for subsequent hours attempted
  • 66.66% cumulative completion rate for all credits attempted, including developmental coursework (English 099 and Math 050) and credits accepted in transfer, once 5 WSU credits have been attempted

Academic Warning

Students who fall below the minimum standards for the first time may remain enrolled, but they will be placed on Academic Warning. Students are eligible to attend classes, but are required to complete an Academic Warning Form* (PDF) with their assigned advisor or an advisor in the Warrior Success Center before registering for any subsequent term.

*You will need download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and edit PDF files.

Academic Suspension

Students on Academic Suspension are not eligible to enroll in or attend classes for at least one academic semester. Students can submit an Academic Appeal Form by deadline for readmission. If the appeal is granted, the student will be able to remain enrolled for an additional semester on Academic Probation.

Students who have an appeal granted and are allowed to continue on Academic Probation will be eligible for financial aid. Students who return after sitting out for the required time must meet with an advisor in the Warrior Success Center to be readmitted and placed on Academic Probation.

Complete the Academic Appeal Form:

  • Please complete online appeal form and submit all additional documentation (medical documentation, letters of reference etc.) at one time. You cannot edit the appeal form after it has been submitted.
  • Send any additional information to Advising Services at
  • Appeals are due June 5th. For more information, please review the Academic Appeal Process.

Academic Probation

Students on Academic Probation who are making satisfactory progress (defined as meeting the minimum standards of a 2.20 GPA and 75% completion rate for the term) will be allowed to continue to enroll for each subsequent term until they reach the cumulative grade point average and completion rate required for Good Standing.

Returning from Suspension

Suspended students who want to return to WSU after sitting out at least one semester must complete a Suspension Re-entry Form (PDF) and meet with an advisor in the Warrior Success Center to complete this form together. If the Suspension Reentry is approved, the student will be readmitted and placed on Academic Probation.

Academic Resources

A variety of academic services are available to Winona State students. These resources are meant to help students succeed academically and personally.