Declare a Major

Step Four

Declaring a major can be scary for students. However, it is a quick and easy process. It’s not uncommon to change majors. Follow the steps below for a smooth transition into a new major.

Obtain a Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) with New Major Listed

There are a few ways you can obtain a copy of your new DARS report

  • Go to the Warrior Hub and request a new copy of your DARS report
  • Stop in to the Warrior Success Center and request a new DARS report
  • Wait until the declaration of major form (PDF) is processed and print your own DARS report by logging in to the registration page

When you receive your DARS report, start looking through the requirements necessary to graduate and set up an appointment with your new advisor to discuss your progress.


Meet With Your New Advisor

It's always a good idea to keep in regular contact with your advisor. They can help you set short and long range academic goals, interpret academic policies and procedures, and refer you to campus resources for assistance. When you change your major, be sure to discuss the following items:

  • Go through your DARS report and discuss your status with the new major
  • Discuss the process of being accepted into the program, if necessary
  • Determine what course of action should be taken
  • Remember that some majors need a minor: does yours? Check out Majors & Minors and declare a minor if needed