University Studies Policies & Procedures for the Oral Communication Requirement

The purpose of the University Studies Oral Communication course requirement is to ensure that all students are equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to enable them to become highly competent communicators by the time they graduate.  Communication Studies 191 has been designated as the course which satisfies the basic oral communication course objectives, described below.

The University Studies Policies and Procedures require that courses designated as meeting the Oral Communication requirement must include learning outcomes and experiences that promote students' abilities to:

(1)  Deliver a self-prepared speech in a public setting with a reasonable level of competency;

(2)  Demonstrate the basic principles for organizing ideas appropriately for accomplishing informative and persuasive communication objectives;

(3)  Understand and demonstrate the principles of rhetorical sensitivity and effective, audience-centered message adaptation, utilizing gender-neutral English;

(4)  Locate, use and correctly cite appropriate evidence in supporting their claims;

(5)  Demonstrate communication behaviors appropriate for effective comprehensive and supportive listening;

(6)  Understand and be able to apply the communication behaviors appropriate for the constructive management of intra-group conflict;

(7)  Understand the skills, roles, and methods of proceeding in task groups in order to achieve high levels of motivation, productivity and member satisfaction and to obtain high-quality decisions and/or outputs;

(8)  Understand the components of the communication process and how they enhance and/or hinder the effective exchange of information and ideas.

              -- Winona State University Faculty Constitution, 2003