Communication Studies Programs

Communications Studies degrees provide you with a strong foundation of communication skills, and they work well with any minor or an additional major. You will learn the necessary skills to stand out in your career search.

Applied Communication Major

Do you want a degree in Communication Studies, but you’re not quite sure what specific path you want to take yet? 

The Applied Communication major allows you to customize your Communication Studies degree to your specific job and education goals.

Leadership & Advocacy Major

Do you want to go into a career where you can make social change happen? This major may be the right fit for you. 

The Leadership and Advocacy major is intended to prepare you for a job in the non-profit world, but you can easily start a career in another related field. 

Organizational & Corporate Communication Major

Become a social media expert and learn how to communicate in various settings.

The Organizational and Corporate Communication major will help you to launch your career in the business world. You will gain the necessary skills to be able to constantly adapt in our ever-changing world.

General Communication Minor

The General Communication Minor offers a basic overview of Communication Studies and complements any major.

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