Communication Studies DepartmentĀ 

As a Communication Studies (CMST) student, you’ll learn how to meet complex communication challenges across cultural, organizational, relational, and rhetorical contexts within the dynamic 21st century.

Your faculty will introduce you to relevant theories and concepts and provide skill-building, collaboration, and scholarship experiences to your classes.

The mission of the Communication Studies Department is to promote communication expertise via personal and professional development.

Why Communication Studies?

A degree in Communication Studies can help students achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals. 

Courses in Communication Studies look at the different ways that people respond to messages, as well as the public influence that results from persuasion and argumentation. Having learned about a variety of viewpoints, students will be more prepared entering a competitive job market with their wide array of interpretive and practical skill-sets. 

Our coursework and extracurricular opportunities also help students develop ethical viewpoints and methods for relating to one another, both inside a professional environment and out. Students learn to think critically, make well-calculated decisions, and embrace change in a world of shifting and emerging possibilities. 

Programs for All

Want to achieve a career in the business or marketing world? Or help others with your work in a non-profit organization? Maybe just learn the essentials of great communication for any situation? 

It’s all possible with the Communication Studies Department’sĀ undergraduate programs:

  • Applied Communication major
  • Leadership & Advocacy major
  • Organizational & Corporate Communication major
  • General Communication minor

Research Opportunities

Explore a topic that’s important to you and the world around you.

CMST students research a wide range of debatable issues, from gender power dynamics, social media, and distortion to representations of race, abortion, and culture.

Tiegue Elliott '22
Social Media & Digital Marketing Specialist

TPI Hospitality

Winona, MN

Hannah Harper '22
Training Advisor

Fastenal Company
Winona, MN

Megan Liverseed '22
Master of Social Work Student

WSU | Winona, MN

Community Resource Coordinator

Inclusia | Stevens Point, WI

Luke Quinn '22
Regional Training Advisor

Fastenal Company
La Crosse, WI

Samantha Soroos '22
Associate Performance Media Planner

Collective Measures | Performance Marketing

Minneapolis, MN

Sydney Dumond '21
Teaching Assistant and Graduate Student

Minnesota State University-Mankato

Mankato, MN

Andrew Elmquist '21
Account Executive

WinCraft-Fantastics Brands

Elk River, MN

Zoe Kwitek '21
Marketing & Community Relations Specialist

Winona Community Foundation

Winona, MN

Breanna Ohl '21
J.D. Student

Mitchell Hamline School of Law
Saint Paul, MN

Rebekah Rechtzigel '21
Certification Specialist

Women’s Business Development Center

St. Paul, MN

Hannah Angle '20
Marketing Manager


Saint Paul, MN

Krystle Robb '20
Reach Global Staff


Winona, MN

Carly Sylvester '20
School Counselor

Byron Middle School

Rochester, MN

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Department Chair

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Alisha Syrmopoulos
Office Manager