Communication Studies Student Resources

Winona State’s Communication Studies department provides students resources to thrive academically, personally, and professionally. 

Clubs & Organizations

Tutoring Services

A speech tutor is available to work with you throughout the entire speech making process: 

  • Choose a topic
  • Outline main points
  • Final rehearsal
  • All other details in between

The tutor is a friendly upper-classman student who has successfully completed the public speaking course. They can offer constructive feedback and assistance.

Tutoring services are available on a drop-in basis and by appointment for longer, more detailed meetings. 


In addition to the general scholarships at WSU, students in the Communication Studies programs can apply for many scholarships from the WSU Foundation.

Apply for WSU Foundation Scholarships
Gary Evans Scholarship

Gary Evans is an alumnus of the Communication Studies program at WSU and continues to be one of Winona State’s greatest supporters and fans.

He is the President and CEO of HBC in Winona and also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Winona Health.

Gary Evans’ philosophy on leadership is: “Community betterment is something to which everyone should aspire. It clearly drives me.”

Frederick & Dina Derocher Communication Studies Mentorship Scholarship in Honor of Professor Rita Rahoi-Gilchrest

The Frederick & Dina Derocher Communication Studies Mentorship Scholarship in Honor of Professor Rita Rahoi-Gilchrest is an award of $500.

Communication Studies Faculty Scholarship

The Communication Studies Faculty Scholarship was established in 2022 through the WSU Foundation.

This $1,000 scholarship benefits and encourages students who are majoring in Communication Studies.

Student Ethical Responsibilities

In the Communication Studies Department, we believe in communicating clearly, honestly, openly, and with compassion.

We follow the NCA Credo for Ethical Communication (PDF) as foundational to how we conduct ourselves as faculty and to set expectations for the ethical communication of our students.

Academic integrity and professional behavior are expected of students during all academic and Communication Studies sponsored activities.

Failure to demonstrate academic integrity and/or standards for student behavior may result in:

  • failure of a course
  • dismissal from the Communication Studies program
  • dismissal from Winona State University

Decisions regarding sanctions for violations of academic integrity or for standards for student behavior affecting course grades will be made by the course faculty.

Decisions regarding sanctions involving dismissal from the Communication Studies program will be done in consultation with the teaching faculty.

Recommendations for dismissal from the Communication Studies program will be made by the Communication Studies Student Conduct Committee and voted on by the department faculty.

Decisions regarding University sanctions will be referred to the University Office of Student Conduct and Citizenship.

View the Winona State University Academic Integrity Policy including details about student’s rights and appeal processes.

As a student, your rights include but are not limited to:

  • fair evaluations
  • advisement and academic counseling
  • assistance in identifying and meeting learning goals
  • due process and to fair consideration of any appeal

The Communication Studies department strives to provide an environment of mutual respect, cooperation, fair treatment, stewardship of resources, integrity, and quality education and services. Even with this commitment, problems and concerns sometimes occur.

Resources and procedures are available to students and other parties for appealing decisions or policies, addressing concerns, resolving grievances and complaints, and dealing with retaliation.

If you have a concern, you are expected to follow established policies and procedures, which include but not limited to:

Contact the Communication Studies Department
Communication Studies Department
DuFresne Performing Arts Center 215


Adam Gaffey
Department Chair

DuFresne Performing Arts Center 204


Alisha Syrmopoulos
Office Manager