Student Complaint & Grievance Process

WSU wants students to be aware of their rights and the process to file a complaint or grievance. 

This procedure shall not substitute for other grievance procedures specified in Minnesota State Board policies, Winona State University policies and regulations, or negotiated agreements.

A student has the right to seek a remedy for a dispute or disagreement. No retaliation of any kind shall be taken against a student for participation in a complaint or grievance.


  • Grievance: A written claim raised by a student, alleging improper, unfair, arbitrary, or discriminatory action by an employee involving the application of a specific provision of a university rule/regulation or a Minnesota State board policy or procedure
  • Complaint: An oral claim by a student alleging improper, unfair, or arbitrary treatment
  • Appeal: A request for reconsideration of a grievance application of a policy or procedure
  • Retaliation: Retribution of any kind taken against a student for participating in a complaint or grievance
  • Student: An individual student, a group of students, or the student government
How to File a Grievance

This procedure is aligned with Minnesota State Grievance Procedure, Part 4, Grievance, Subpart C, Appeal, Section 3.  

If you are an online student, you may bring official complaints to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. 

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