Once you have passed all necessary MN licensure examinations (Basic Skills, Content & Pedagogy), completed your coursework with a WSU GPA of 2.75 or higher, and began your student teaching, it is time to start thinking about obtaining a Minnesota teaching license.  This process can take awhile, so do not procrastinate!  Many districts will not consider you for employment unless you have a license in hand.  Keep in mind that even if you plan to teach in a state other than Minnesota, the first step is always to get the Minnesota license. Then, you can research the steps to obtaining a license from out-of-state. 

Here are a few tips to get you started:
1.  Read the Minnesota Licensing Directions (pdf). Part of this process will involve the completion of a MN Department of Education background check.
2.  Visit the Minnesota Department of Education web site.
3.  Then, if you have unanswered questions, ask your academic advisor or the WSU Certification Coordinator, Paula O'Malley, for help.

One option that some students choose to pursue is substitute teaching .  This is a way to learn more about the profession and become acquainted with many different buildings and school districts.  Read about the Substitute Teaching License (pdf) for more information about how to obtain this license.

If you already have a Minnesota license on file, you will want to follow the directions for the Add-On License (pdf).  Some popular Add-on license areas are Communication Arts and Literature Middle Level (pdf), Mathematics Middle Level (pdf), Science Middle Level (pdf), Social Studies Middle Level (pdf), and Early Childhood (pdf).  Add-ons will require passing scores on the appropriate MTLE Content-Area Exams. It is important to list WSU as a recipient to receive your scores and keep a copy of your score reports (you only have 45 days after the exams are completed to download your scores).  To register for the exams, visit the MTLE web site.

If you have completed a Minnesota approved teacher preparation program and attempted to take all exams required for a Minnesota License but did not pass one or more of the required tests, then you might want to learn more about the Full-time Limited License (pdf) option. 

If you are interested in also becoming licensed in another state, you will need to check the requirements for that state as each state is a bit different.  Here is some information about licensure in a few states surrounding Minnesota:
Illinois Licensure Information (pdf)
Iowa Licensure Information Part I (pdf) and Iowa Licensure Information Part II (pdf)
Wisconsin Licensure Application Directions (pdf) and Wisconsin Licensure Special Memo (pdf)

If you are interested in obtaining a D/APE (Developmental/Adapted Physical Education) Endorsement (pdf), it would be best to do so before 1.1.2015 as the course requirements will change after that time.

Lastly, renewal of your Minnesota license/s will require completion of 125 clock hours verified by a Minnesota local continuing education committee.  It is good to learn about MN license renewal (pdf) as soon as you obtain your license.