Education Program Costs & Scholarships

In addition to tuition and textbooks, there are additional costs for teacher education programs as you earn your degree, conduct student teaching, and apply for licensure.

Undergraduate Program Costs

Here is an overview of the expenses you can expect throughout the teacher education programs to help you plan your college budget.

This is not an exhaustive list, and costs could change at any time without notice.

These costs are in addition to the standard undergraduate tuition and fees, as well as ongoing expenses for textbooks, transportation and housing.

Program PhaseExpenseCostOccurrence
AdmissionComprehensive Background Check $45.75One-time
AdmissionLiability Insurance$35One-time
Teacher CandidateLiability Insurance$35Yearly
Teacher CandidateClinical Experience Travel Expenses Depends on location and gas pricesDuration of Course Clinical Experience
Student TeachingStudent Teaching Background Check$26One-time
Student TeachingLiability Insurance$35One-time
Student TeachingedTPA$300One-time, depending on whether subtests are retaken
Student TeachingTravel ExpensesDepends on location and gas pricesDuration of Student Teaching Experience (usually 16 weeks)
Graduate Program Costs

Learn about the WSU tuition and fees for graduate students. Some education programs have specific tuition rates and additional fees.