Graduate Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees vary depending on your campus, academic program, and state of residency. 

These are the tuition and fee rates for Fall 2023 through Summer 2024.

If you qualify for the Resident Tuition Scholarship, you’ll pay the Minnesota resident rates.

All rates are subject to change. Fees apply to all courses taken for credit, including online courses and off-site courses. Find more details about student fees.

2023-2024 Costs Per Term

Graduate students may choose to opt in to the eWarrior Laptop Program for $485 per semester.

Cost per Credit

Depending on your program, you may have to pay additional differential costs or a program-specific tuition rate.

Minnesota ResidentWinona$480.59$43.95
Minnesota ResidentRochester$480.59$20.77
Wisconsin ResidentWinona$480.59$43.95
Wisconsin ResidentRochester$480.59$20.77
North Dakota ResidentWinona$480.59$43.95
North Dakota ResidentRochester$480.59$20.77
South Dakota ResidentWinona$480.59$43.95
South Dakota ResidentRochester$480.59$20.77

Program-Specific Tuition & Fees

Cost per Credit

These programs follow a different rate than the standard graduate tuition costs. These charges are on a per credit basis and vary depending on campus.

Education DoctorateWinona$741.12$43.95
Graduate NursingRochester$1,156.10$20.77
Health/Healthcare Leadership & AdministrationWinona$537.96$43.95
Health/Healthcare Leadership & AdministrationRochester$537.96$20.77
Master of Social WorkRochester$731$20.77
Teacher Preparation CollaborativeWinona$514.42$43.95
Teacher Preparation CollaborativeRochester$514.42$20.77

Differential Tuition & Fees

Cost per Credit

These additional costs are added on a per credit basis whether you’re a full-time or part-time student, during the academic year or over the Summer, and for all residencies.

Differential TypeTuitionFees
Online CoursesResident Tuition Rate + $4.50$0
Athletic Training Program | Winona CampusResident Tuition Rate + $59.01 per credit$43.95
Performance Analytics Program | Winona CampusResident Tuition Rate + $155.85 per credit$43.95
Strategic Communication Program | Winona CampusResident Tuition Rate + $50 per credit$43.95

Estimate of Additional Expenses

These are various expenses you’ll have each year that are not billed by WSU—unless you choose to live on campus and have a meal plan.  

Exact costs will vary depending on your program and lifestyle, but these estimates are used in determining financial aid award packages.

Books & Supplies$900
Housing & Meals$9,654
Personal Expenses$2,000

The housing and food costs are used for students living on or off campus. They are based on the average cost of living on campus.

If you are living on campus, you can find the exact room and board costs.

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