Education Program Admission

WSU has a competitive two-tier admissions process for Teacher Education Programs.

After being accepted to WSU, both undergraduate and graduate students must then apply to their specific academic programs.

If you’ve decided to make your career in education, it’s best to prepare early for the admissions process into Teacher Education Programs.

First Year Students

The Professional Education sequence takes 4-5 semesters to complete, so it is best to apply as soon as you are eligible.

This will make it easier when registering for courses and help you to graduate in fewer semesters.

Transfer Students

Once you are admitted to WSU, you need to apply to the Teacher Education Program.

All your transfer credits must have been accepted by WSU and be designated on your Degree Audit (DARS) to be considered for Teacher Education Admissions.

Graduate Students

Once you are admitted to WSU Graduate Studies, you will also apply for candidacy to the academic program.

Each program has varying requirements.

Undergraduate Program Admission Criteria

Before you can complete the online application, you must meet certain criteria.

You must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75.

The cumulative GPA for admissions is based on a student’s most recent 30 college level credits completed. The calculation includes all semester credits in any given semester needed to meet the 30-credit requirement.

Students can calculate their GPAs  online before applying.

You must have a grade of “B” or better in a 3-credit college level writing course, such as ENG 111 if taken at WSU.

You must have a grade of “B” or better in a 3-credit college level speech course, such as CMST 191 or 192 if taken at WSU.

You must have a grade of “C” or better in a 3-credit college level math course.

While MATH 100 is the minimum accepted for most Teacher Education majors, it is recommended to take MATH 202.

MATH 202 is required for Elementary and Early Childhood majors.

You must complete 15 hours of clinical experience before or during the semester you are applying to the program. This can be met through courses such as:

  • WSU EDFD 100
  • WSU SPED 300
  • 15 hours of work or volunteer experience which involves working with groups of 2 or more children following high school graduation

The Early Clinical Documentation Form (PDF) is available online or in Cathedral 212.

Criminal Convictions or Charges

Criminal convictions or certain charges may make it difficult to obtain a teaching license.

If you have questions about this, contact the Professional Education Licensing Standards Board at

Apply to Undergraduate Education Programs

You must apply to the Teacher Education Program with the major listed on your Degree Audit Report (DARS).

Application Deadlines
Oct. 1

Apply by this date to be admitted for the following Spring Semester.

March 1

Apply by this date to be admitted for the following Fall Semester.

Elementary Education K – 6 Online (EEPT) and Early Childhood Education Online (ECEO) are Fall admission-only programs. Both programs are considered “degree completion” programs and therefore students typically have their AA, AS, and/or MNTC completed prior to applying.

Priority deadline for EEPT and ECEO programs is March 1. We will continue accepting applicants until the cohort is full or until July 1.

Admission Scoring

Applicants are scored on a point-system according to the admission criteria in three areas. These criteria are subject to change in any given semester. 

Elementary Education K – 6 Online (EEPT) and Early Childhood Education Online (ECEO) are degree completion programs. If you don’t meet full requirements–don’t worry. We still encourage you to apply.

If you have any questions or concerns about the admissions process, contact our Admissions & Advising Coordinator at

The total number that can be achieved is 14 points. The top 110 students with the highest points are placed in Tier 1 and are admitted each semester. 

Students who do not make it in the top 110 scores will be put on a waiting list. If any of the students in Tier 1 decline or drop out, then the highest scoring students in Tier 2 will be contacted.

Conditional Admission

If there are still openings, the Director of the CSS and the Admission Coordinator review the pre-teacher candidates who did not meet all admission requirements. They may grant students conditional admission to fill the remaining openings.

If given conditional admission status, students must schedule a Notice of Concern meeting with the Admission Coordinator.

Admission Appeals

If you have concerns about admission or retention, talk to your academic advisor first. Then you should request to meet with your major department chair to further discuss a resolution, if needed.

If your concern is still unresolved, you will submit the Application for Appeal Form. Email to receive the Application for Appeal Form.

A specific issue may be appealed only once. This Teacher Education Appeals procedure is intended to guarantee all students due process rights and to protect students from bias and retaliation.

After Admission
Once admitted, students must complete all required documents before they can register for the next semester.

At Induction Day, you’ll be guided through purchasing:

  • EMAE for liability insurance
  • TEVERA for managing field experience hours, program documentation, and student teaching processes 
  • Comprehensive Criminal Background Check through Castle Branch

View details for these additional costs within education programs.

Groups of students attend class in a classroom at WSU Education Village.

You’ll start courses in the Professional Education Sequence (PDF) the semester following admission to the program, and this sequence will take 4-5 semesters to complete.

You must graduate with the same major listed on your program application. If you decide to change your major, let the Center for Student Success know.

Apply to Graduate Education Programs

You must first apply for admission to WSU’s School of Graduate Studies. Then you will apply for candidacy in the academic program.

Contact your academic department for more details on the program admission process.