Welcome to the College of Education

Winona State has a long and storied national and international history of innovation and leadership.

Education students at Winona State University can expect:
• Professors and practitioners who are smart, dedicated and caring instructors and mentors
• Students who are eager to learn, make a difference and have a good time
• Nationally accredited academic programs that will challenge, change and inspire you
• Field-based clinical experiences that are practical, rigorous and memorable
• A campus rich with athletics, culture and intellectual energy
• Two campuses rich with opportunities: A beautiful main campus spread between towering bluffs and the banks of the Mississippi River; and a Rochester campus with diverse urban educational settings

If you want to become a teacher, counselor, coach, principal, therapist, superintendent or leader in a range of service professions, then I think you’ll enjoy what you find as you explore Winona State’s College of Education.
Early education student working with pre-schoolers.
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