Coaches on the sidelines of a football field

Sport Management

In cooperation with the Physical Education and Sport Science (PESS) Department, their graduate certificate in Sport Management can be combined with the five core courses in Education Leadership for the Master’s Degree. This path is taken by students looking for leadership opportunities in the exciting and competitive sports industry. This field includes a very wide spectrum from collegiate coaching, athletic directors at the high school and collegiate level, sports team operations and facilities management.

Graduates work as coaches, athletic directors, in the front office of sports teams and with sports facilities management. Students will develop expertise in sports marketing, finance, facility management and sports law and ethics. The 18 credit certificate is an entirely online program and can be taken independently or as the specialized component of our Master's in Education Leadership.

A certificate in Sport Management is also available through the Physical Education and Sport Science Department.

Required Coursework

The Sport Management program consists of 33 credits in a combination of core Education Leadership courses and courses specific to the Sport Management emphasis. A capstone writing project and a comprehensive examination are also required for a master’s in Education Leadership. 

Education Leadership Cores courses (15 S.H.)

EL 612 - Systems Thinking (3 S.H.)
EL 614 - Change Leadership (3 S.H.)
EL 615 - Communication (3 S.H.)
EL 616 - Common Good (3 S.H.)
EL 618 - Scholarship (3 S.H.)

A detailed description of the required courses and additional information about the Sports Management emphasis can be found in the course catalog.

Application for Admission to Candidacy (M.S.)

Students must submit the Application for Admission to Candidacy (PDF) to the graduate office before completing 16 graduate credits. This form is a student’s program plan and is to be completed in conjunction with his or her advisor.