Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are very serious and pose a potential danger for all in the area.  In the event of a gas leak, follow these guidelines:

• DO NOT turn on lights or turn on/off any electrical appliances

• DO NOT use any electrical devices such as flashlights, radios, or telephones.  They can cause electrical sparks that could ignite the gas fumes.

• DO NOT use the fire alarm

• DO NOT use elevators for evacuation

• DO NOT smoke in the area

• Leave the area immediately, leaving doors and windows open.

• Call 911 immediately.  Go to an unaffected area and notify Winona State University Security 507.457.5555 and Facilities Services 507.457.5045.

• Inform others not to enter the affected area.

• If safe to do so, assist in the evacuation of persons with disabilities.