Bomb Threats

If you receive and/or overhear a bomb threat, immediately call 911 and WSU Security (ext. 5555). You should complete the Bomb Threat Checklist as thoroughly as possible and submit it to WSU Security or the police.

Do not activate the fire alarm.

Threats may be communicated in a number of ways; via telephone, paper correspondence, and email or otherwise. Please follow the guidelines set forth above. Additionally, the following measures should be taken:

  • Written Threats– Anyone receiving a bomb threat in writing should handle the correspondence as little as possible.
  • Emailed Threats – Persons receiving a bomb threat via email should leave the message on the computer. The person receiving the email should remain at the computer and not allow anyone to interfere and/or tamper with the message until Security arrives.
  • Other Threats– Anyone receiving a bomb threat in person and/or overhearing such a threat should obtain the following information if possible and practical: the name of the suspect, time and location of the threat, witnesses, exact wording of the threat and any other relevant information.


  • If circumstances require that evacuation efforts are necessary, WSU Security or emergency personnel will direct those affected to appropriate locations.
  • If an evacuation is taking place, turn off all cell phones and leave the immediate area (at least 300 feet) and “listen only” on two way radios.


Building(s) may be re-entered only after clearance is given by WSU Security or emergency personnel.

Bomb Threat Checklist: Questions to ask the caller

1. When is the bomb going to explode?
2. Where is the bomb?
3. What does it look like?
4. What kind of bomb is it?
5. What will cause it to explode?
6. Did you place the bomb?
7. Why?
8. What is your name?
9. Where are you at?

Exact wording of the threat:
Other Identifying Characteristics:
Number at which call is received:

Observe Background Sounds, Caller Voice, Threat Language

Report call immediately to: Police (911) and WSU Security 507.457.5555