Student Achievements

Awards for 2014-2015:

The following English Department students received awards for 2014-2015:
English Department Distinguished Student Award:
Elizabeth Meinders
The Distinguished Student is selected by faculty vote to honor the graduating senior who has distinguished himself/herself throughout his/her academic program and has shown the most promise as a student of English.
Outstanding Students (University Honors Recognition--Spring Semester):
CALT: Connor Meyers
English: Leah Dobihal
English Writing: Mitchell Johnson
Each semester, the department members select the outstanding student in each of the two licensure programs and the other English programs combined.  These students are honored at the Evening of Distinction ceremony during the week of graduation.
Ann and James Nichols Scholarly Paper Award: 
Hanna Larson
Honorable Mention: Timmy Turner
Outstanding scholarly papers are submitted each year to a department subcommittee that then selects the best scholarly papers for this award.
Sandra Adickes Outstanding Freshman Essay: 
Research: Morgan Szmutko
Non-research: Christy Aleckson
All students enrolled in ENG 111 (College Reading and Writing) and ENG 112 (Research Writing) are eligible to have their essays reviewed by a department subcommittee, which selects the most outstanding essays in the categories of research and non-research.
Outstanding Portfolio:
Elizabeth Meinders
Susan Jacobsen
All English majors are required to compile and submit a portfolio of their academic work during the semester that they graduate.  Department members review the portfolios and select the most outstanding ones for this award.

Satori Editors:
Olivia Stoltman
Kalika Valentine-Erickson
Zachary Virden
Student editors of the Satori literary magazine provide leadership for selection of entries, editing, layout, and publication of the magazine.

Co-Directors for Life and Work of the Scholar Graduate Symposium:
Heather Johnson
Kelly Hasleiet

Scholarships for 2014-2015:

The following students were awarded English Department scholarships for 2014-15:
James W. & Ann Eljenholm Nichols Scholarship:
Kendra Devine-Pringle
Colin Kohrs
Marion J. Deeren Scholarship:
Ana Alexander
Kaitlin McCoy
Augusta Nelson Memorial Scholarship:
Caitlin Riley
Darlene Radsek Scholarship:
Alicia Dodge
Sylvia Bremer Memorial Scholarship:
Elizabeth Charlton
Leslie & Gladys (Sanford) King Scholarship:
Rene Stiller
Cornwell Family Scholarship:
Abigail Berning

Thomas Leuchtenberg English Scholarship:
Christian Sopkowiak

Alma Smith Scholarship in Honor of Miss Gertrude Finch and Dr. Augusta Nelson:
Alicia Dodge