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Global Studies

Global Studies offers both Minor and Major programs with four regional options (Asian, European, Latin, and North American). Students majoring and minoring in Global Studies gain a sound understanding of the forces shaping our world and lives so that they are prepared to participate effectively in the world they encounter, whether they decide to work in the U.S. or abroad after graduation.

About the Global Studies Program:

Global Studies is a multidisciplinary program that will enable you to understand the profound socio-cultural, political and economic changes taking place at the global level. This program seeks to develop your global competence so you can provide leadership at the global level in areas such as:

  • diplomacy and conflict resolution
  • business and economic¬†policy-making
  • environmental sustainability
  • and the growing non- profit non- governmental/volunteer sector

Global Studies is different from international relations in that its focus is not exclusively on inter-country relations and issues of war, peace and foreign policy making. The focus of this program is on globalization, what is causing this phenomenon, how it is impacting us, and what can be done to steer it in a desirable direction. Hence the focus of this program is also on global citizenship.  Courses from humanities, social sciences and the natural sciences are brought together and integrated to gain a more comprehensive knowledge about the forces shaping our world.