Global Studies & World Studies Programs

Winona State’s Global Studies & World Studies department offers 2 majors and 6 minors. These programs will teach students global literacy, cultural exposure, and language experience. 

Global Studies Major

The Global Studies (GLBS) Major is multidisciplinary in nature, which is why it requires a minor. It’s ideal for combination with other majors and minors such as Business, Chinese, History, Japanese, Political Science, Sociology, and Spanish. 

You can conveniently complete another minor or a second major in 4 years while satisfying the university’s 120-credit requirement. 

As a Global Studies major, you will study the dynamic interaction between the changes taking place at the global and local levels. The Global Studies Seminar course (GS 400) will challenge you to integrate your knowledge about global and local forces.

View the Global Studies Major Course Requirements.


A degree in global studies is a solid foundation for building a successful career because it trains students to think globally. This major is particularly useful to students who may want to work in areas that involve interactions with people from different countries.

Graduates have gone into different fields and employers depending upon their interests, including: 

  • Local and international law firms
  • Library
  • International junior high school
  • Software development company
  • Target Corporation
  • US Government
  • Hospitals

Many students also go onto graduate school after their undergraduate degree, such as law school, International Studies, advanced language programs, and much more. 

World Studies Programs

Our department offers a wide array of World Studies programs: 

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