Global Studies & World Languages Student Resources

Student Clubs

WSU has a variety of student clubs that focus on world languages and cultures.  


Internships put theory into practice and add to students’ resumes and future employment.

There are two internship courses available for students wanting to earn credits while interning: 

  • GS 450 is meant for those who want a passing grade
  • GS 451 can be taken for a letter grade and involves more requirements 

All internships require serious student responsibilities. These are specified in an internship contract (PDF) that must be signed by the student, onsite internship supervisor, and the instructor.

Some places where Global Studies and World Languages students regularly intern at are:

  • Intercultural Mutual Assistance Association (IMAA) in Rochester, MN
  • Shanghai Industries Group (SIG) in Shanghai, China – only available to students learning Chinese
  • Japan America Society of Minnesota (JASM) – only available during summer months for students who are learning Japanese

Students can arrange their own internships with organizations in the US or abroad and the program faculty and director must approve them.


In addition to the general scholarships at WSU, students in the Global Studies and World Languages programs can apply for many scholarships from the WSU Foundation.

Apply for WSU Foundation Scholarships
Mary Graham Scholarship for Study Abroad

Email Dr. Vanessa Fernandez-Greene at for more information.

SOL Scholarship for Study Abroad

Email Dr. Vanessa Fernandez-Greene at for more information.

Global Studies Study Abroad Scholarship

Email Dr. Yogesh Grover at for information.

Fulbright Program Grants

If you’re looking for funding to go overseas after graduation, consider applying for a Fulbright grant. Fulbright grants are available for

  • Study (just coursework, or even a master’s or PhD) or research (can be independent or guided).
  • English teaching (at varying levels from children to adults).

There are more than 140 countries that participate in the Fulbright student grant competition, and each country chooses which kinds of grants they’ll offer. 

Language requirements vary, but you don’t necessarily need to speak the language of the country to which you’re applying. With the English Teaching grants, you don’t necessarily need to have teaching experience either.

Contact the WSU Fulbright Program Advisor Renee Stowell at to learn more. 

Study Abroad

WSU offers plenty of opportunities to study abroad, whether you want to be away for a week to an entire year. 

Studying abroad is one of the best ways to improve your language proficiency and cultural knowledge, and we recommend it to every student in our programs. 

WSU has partnered with many educational institutions abroad, and you can choose from options for semester abroad or faculty-led travel study programs

Contact any faculty member in the Global Studies & World Languages Department or the WSU Study Abroad Office to learn more.

Contact the Global Studies & World Languages Department
Global Studies & World Languages Department
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