Morey-Shepard has a variety of room types available for students such as singles, doubles, triples and suites. The complex is co-ed by floor or wing and is home to around 250 students, with the majority being freshman. Morey-Shepard is part of the Quad Complex, along with Conway Hall and Richards Hall.

There are a variety of room types available for students within Morey-Shepard Hall. Single and double rooms are available, but here are also 1 and 2 bedroom suite-style units that can accommodate up to four students. Each room is furnished with a bed, mattress, dresser/wardrobe, desk and desk chair for each student. There is also a trash and recycling bin in each room for students to use as well as window coverings. Morey-Shepard rooms are carpeted.

Room Dimensions

Basic Single Room Dimensions: Width 14' Length 12'
** Room dimension vary by unit - please contact our office for specific dimensions for your specific room
Morey Single Room

Basic Double Room Dimensions: Width 16' Length 11' 5"
** Room dimension vary by unit - please contact our office for specific dimensions for your specific room
Morey Double Room

Basic Suite Dimensions: Please contact our office (link to
Morey Suite



There is a full kitchen located on the 1st floor and includes a stove, fridge, microwave, and eating area. Kitchen equipment, such as pots, pans, utensils, bowls, etc. can be checked out from the Quad Front Desk for students to use.
Shepard Kitchen

Laundry Room

The laundry room is also located on the 1st floor. Laundry is included in the room rates, so there is no need to pay for each use.
Morey Laundry Room


Morey-Shepard has several spacious lounges from students to use. Most lounges have a TV and comfortable lounge furniture, however, there are a few spaces that are designated for studying and have desks or tables.
Shepard Lounge

Quad Front Desk

Morey-Shepard residents utilize the amenities of the Quad Front Desk, which is located in the Morey-Shepard section of the complex. The front desk is staffed with students who live in the residence halls and are trained to answer questions about housing and Winona State. It is a great resource students can use to check out movies, games, kitchen equipment, and much more! The mailboxes for the complex are also located near the front desk. Packages that are too large to fit in the mailbox can be picked up at the Quad Front Desk.
Quad Front Desk


In addition to the pool tables located in the 1st Shepard Lounge, students living in the Quad also have their own outdoor courtyard that is located in the center of the complex. This courtyard is shared with students living in Conway, Morey-Shepard and Richards Hall and has a sand volleyball court and benches. Students can also rent outdoor games from the Quad Front Desk.
Quad Courtyard