Winona State Sustainability House

Sustainability Theme House

The Sustainability Theme House is an academic themed-based housing unit that is dedicated to sustainability.

Students who apply and are selected to live in the Theme House are expected to put forth an honest effort to achieve a sustainable lifestyle while living in the house.  Once invited to join the Sustainability Theme House, accepted students will choose a house committee and will be expected to take an active role. 

The students of the Sustainability Theme House are required to present programs and workshops to other members of the campus community to promote and maintain high standards of sustainable living in the Winona State Community.

House sign-up was held November. If you are interested, you may contact Jon Hetzel at for more information.
The Sustainability Theme House is designed for returning students who have a desire to positively contribute their time and resources to practicing and promoting sustainable living. Selection is a competitive process. Applications, transcripts, and an essay of eligible students will be reviewed by a selection committee. Once students are selected, a meeting will be held for selected students to choose their specific room in the house.

All applicants must commit to upholding the Policies and Procedures of Housing and Residence Life found at and the expectations of the Sustainability Theme House Lease. Applicants must also agree to all terms and conditions of the lease and sustainable student guidelines. Residents must agree to follow the Winona State University Student Code of Conduct. Students chosen to live in the Sustainability Theme House must agree to attend weekly house meetings to discuss matters relating to the house, campus, community, projects and residents’ lifestyle. Residents will work with Housing and Residence Life to offer Sustainability Theme House tours. Residents will serve as hosts to Sustainability Theme House open houses and other events as needed. Residents will serve as Sustainability Advocates across the WSU campus and the Winona community.  All students living in the Sustainability Theme House will be assigned a specific role in the house and should expect to devote approximately two hours a week to the assigned tasks.

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Host weekly house meetings to ascertain and reflect on the progress of designated sustainable initiatives
  • Attend weekly house meetings
  • Assist in advertising, coordinating, and executing the Dumpster Diversion event in the spring semester
  • Maintain communication through a university website or blog 
  • Present one sustainability program per semester in residential area or to the campus community
  • Partner with the Community Assistant to enhance and support sustainable programming efforts on campus
  • Research current trends and practices related to green and sustainable living at other institutions of higher learning
  • Facilitate the Opening Day Move-In Cardboard Recycling Project

Students  living in the Theme House will not be required to be on a meal plan.  However, if students wish to have a meal plan, they can sign up for one at the Housing Office.

Please refer to the Housing and Meal costs at  The Sustainability House rates are the same as our room rates for Residence Halls.  However, students have the option of an on-campus meal plan, an off-campus block plan or no meal plan.