What is WSU doing to address copyright infringement?

The Information Technology Department, in conjunction with Student Life and Development, have collaborated on a process to address copyright infringements.  As a University that supports over 8000 laptops, the idea is not to punish students, but rather educate them.  When students receive their laptop, they view an eleven minute Appropriate Computing video.  This is customized to Winona State University, and includes information about illegal downloading.  WSU has also added a paragraph to the end of the Student Laptop Agreement, which addresses copyright infringements. 

When a violation is reported to Winona State, the following action is taken:

1.  Student is identified, and notified via email.

2.  The student comes to the Technical Support Center and meets with someone who will educate them on copyright infringements, including illegal downloading.

3.  The student reads and signs the form found below.  The student is also given information about legal music downloading sites.

4.  Student must refer to the Student Conduct Policy for subsequent violations.

Copyright Infringement Form

Information Technology Services
Notification of Copyright Rules and Regulations

This document serves as a record that you have been notified of the rules regarding illegal file sharing and the consequences that can come from inappropriate use of computers and network resources belonging to Winona State University, Winona, MN.  Inappropriate use of file sharing software such as bittorrent, Kazaa, or eMule can result in academic sanctions as well as civil or criminal action being brought against you. By signing this document you acknowledge that you have been informed of these rules.  You may choose not to sign this document at this time, but your network access to University resources will be revoked. The signed copy of this document will be sent to the Office of Student Conduct & Citizenship.

__________  I understand that sharing and downloading copyrighted material is illegal unless 
I have permission from the copyright holder.

___________ I understand that I am not allowed to use the University’s network or computers
to perform illegal activities [1]

___________ I understand that I will be held responsible for any computer activity that is done
with my account, even if I share my password with someone else. [1]

___________ I understand that if I misuse the University's network or computers, I may have
my network privileges suspended or revoked. [1]

___________ I understand that if I misuse the University’s network or computers, I may face
sanctions from the Office of Student Conduct & Citizenship, including probation  
or expulsion. [1]

___________ I understand that violating copyrights may also result in civil or criminal action
being brought against me by the copyright holder.

Signature ___________________________Tech ID______________Date________________

[1] MnSCU Board Procedure 5.22.1, Acceptable Use of Computers and Information Technology Resources. http://www.mnscu.edu/board/procedure/522p1.html