Data Back-Up and Recovery

Data Back-Up

Back-up strategies for protection of both data and personal files are extremely important. Students, faculty and staff are responsible for their own personal files and data. There are many ways to back-up personal data. The best way to back-up data is to use the personal network storage space that is available to every user at WSU. This space is a personalized and safe space that is only accessible by you.

Other common ways to back-up files include burning CDs/DVDs or moving files to a flash drive or USB external hard drives. Information on how to back-up files can found on the TSC website (link) or by visiting the TSC in Somsen (for students) or the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center in Maxwell (for faculty/staff). All students, staff, and faculty are made aware of the importance of creating back-ups and the methods with which one can back-up data when the laptop is distributed in the required Laptop Orientation class.

Data Loss

Although the WSU TSC strives to help prevent data loss, each user is ultimately responsible for the existence, integrity and security of both WSU and personal data located on their assigned laptop or desktop computer(s). The WSU TSC disclaims liability for losses of data or services resulting from failures typical of technology, one’s own accidental or uninformed use, theft, intentional damage, or accidental damage including acts of nature.

Disaster Recovery

The TSC can perform the following tasks to attempt to recover user data.

  • Install user's hard drive into another computer of the same model
  • Attempt to connect the drive externally to another computer
  • Run diagnostic utilities and applications that are provided with the operating system
  • Let the machine or hard drive sit overnight before trying again

The TSC does not own advanced data recovery software and are not trained in advanced data recovery.  If these steps are not successful the user has the option to purchase the hard drive from the TSC at full price and seek out data recovery services elsewhere at their own expense. Some common data recovery services include On-track Data Recovery ( and Drive Savers Data Recovery (