Digital Life and Learning Program

The e-Warrior: Digital Life & Learning Program integrates communication and information technology into the student's social and learning experience at Winona State University. The program provides students with a powerful set of tools (e.g., a laptop, updated software) and services (e.g., help desk) to support all facets of their academic work and residential life at Winona State. More than just a laptop, the e-Warrior: Digital Life & Learning Program ensures secure, reliable, and supportable technology 24x7. For specifics of the program, visit the Program Details page

Currently over 7800 laptops are deployed to students, faculty and selected staff. We are unique with our program as we offer students and faculty the choice of a Macintosh or PC laptop. Our goal is to be a leader in digital learning, providing superior support and service to our students, faculty and staff.

All full time undergraduate students on the Winona campus (12 or more semester credits) are automatically enrolled in the Digital Life and Learning program and are eligible to receive a laptop. The fees for the program are listed on the student tuition bill each semester.

Watch our introduction video on YouTube for more information. 

Note:Winona State University-Rochester campus students are not automatically included in the Digital Life and Learning program if 50% or more of their credits are on the Rochester Campus.


The Advantage

The e-Warrior: Digital Life & Learning Program gives students the opportunity to personalize and advance their college experience. They have the flexibility of working on campus or within the comforts of their own home. Thanks to VPN technology, the WSU network, complete with course software, is only a click away. Students expand their classroom by viewing class information, submitting their assignments directly to faculty online, and interacting with faculty and fellow students via email, video conferencing, and instant messenger. Less than perfect weather outside? Students don't need to head to the library when they have the ability to prepare papers and presentations via online research and study groups. But it doesn't stop there. Students have the freedom to create their own websites, listen to music, chat, watch movies, and web surf!

Missing your family? Chat with friends and loved ones anytime you wish via email, Skype and/or instant messenger.  Keeping in contact has never been easier.