Information Security

The Information Security team oversees the WSU community's efforts to protect its computing and information assets, to develop local policy, and to comply with related laws, regulations and MnSCU policy. The team is tasked with protecting the university's digital assets and resources in a way that also consistently supports the university’s mission.

The information security team is comprised of a cross-discipline, multi-department group of people representing different aspects of data ownership. The team primarily focuses on the development information security related policy, but also provides an avenue to discuss security related topics as they occur.  As policies are proposed and drafted, the results are then routed through the university governance process for approval.

This site is intended to clearly define our policies, procedures and compliance posture as well as communicating the importance of maintaining the security of WSU’s information technology infrastructure. Such a stance is vital to the success of the educational and operational missions of all community members. This site will also provide the WSU community with the necessary information and tools to ensure we meet regulatory compliance requirements for data security.


Tobias Schmidt     
Data Security Officer
Winona State University
507 457 2214