TLT Multimedia and Academic Services

In addition to providing learning opportunities and support for academic technology projects, TLT offers a number of ongoing services to the campus community.
Equipment Checkout: TLT maintains a pool of video cameras, data projectors, and other tools for use in project work. Students check out equipment in Somsen Hall 207 (507.457.5240); faculty and staff in Maxwell Hall 130B (507.457.2900).
Evening and Saturday Classroom Support: TLT maintains evening and Saturday hours for addressing ITV and other classroom support issues. Call 507.457.5240 Monday-Thursday from 4:30pm to 9pm and Saturday from 8am to 12pm.
Student DLC Support: The Digital Learning Center is open Monday and Wednesday until 6pm, Tuesday and Thursday until 5pm, and Friday until 4:30pm in Somsen 207. Drop in or call 507.457.5240 to make an appointment.
D2L Course Merges: Instructors, contact TLT to request D2L course merges. Please provide the names and course identification numbers of the course sections you want merged. This process takes two working days to complete, during which time you cannot use the D2L course sections being merged.
Streaming Media and Podcasting Support: TLT works with several media servers for streaming video and audio files (e.g., video captured during a campus event) and posting podcasts. Faculty and staff can submit video and audio content to TLT and we will format and post the content online for you.
Campus Media Archive: TLT maintains an archive of captured audio and video from campus events and transcoded from VHS tape. This archive is searchable by anyone, but access to some content is limited to members of the WSU campus community only. Access the TLT Digital Video Collection.
Scanning and OCR: TLT maintains large format scanners and software for converting scanned to working text (i.e., optical character recognition). Contact TLT for assistance.
Scantron Test Scanning: TLT maintains several Scantron test scanning machines in the Maxwell Professional Resource Center. Contact TLT for assistance.