Professor talks with students in a technology based classroom.

Teaching, Learning, & Technology Services

What We Do

Teaching, Learning, and Technology Services empowers the entire campus community to utilize technology effectively by providing a wide range of learning opportunities, designing and maintaining engaging learning spaces, managing academic and workplace technology projects, and exploring new technologies that enrich digital life and learning. 

TLT provides faculty, staff, and students with opportunities to learn more about the technological tools provided through the e-Warrior Digital Life & Learning Program. List of learning opportunities.

In addition to providing learning opportunities and support academic technology projects, TLT offers a number of ongoing services to the campus community.  

Teaching, Learning, and Technology Services helps design, install, and maintain instructional technology in campus classrooms and other learning spaces. Technology-Enabled Classrooms.

Learn about the Digital Life & Learning Program

The Winona State University Digital Signage System consists of over 50 monitors placed around the campus community that offer student organizations, WSU offices and departments- as well as local community members- a new and exciting way to get the word out about events, opportunities and meetings. The goal is to share current information so as to increase engagement, attendance and interest in WSU events and happenings.

Digital Signage is a “Green Technology” that complies with Winona State’s Sustainability Initiative, replacing the reams of paper announcements and posters that had been printed and posted around campus in the past. Thousands of WSU community members pass by these monitors daily, and they are proving to be a highly effective communication channel.

Interested in learning more? Visit the Digital Signage wiki:

To report a problem with Digital Signage, please contact the WSU Help Desk, 507.457.5240

Teaching, Learning, and Technology Services provides support for projects involving the instructional application of technology. Such projects include:
Building online courses, activities, and learning materials
Supporting group projects using blogs, wikis, and other collaboration tools
Designing technology-supported classroom activities
Developing new applications that engage students
Contact or call 457-2900 to discuss your next project.

The e-Warrior Digital Learning Center STARS are available to help out with classroom projects as directed by faculty members.  We can create custom Wiki help documentation or hold workshops during off class hours as needed.  The DLC and faculty members working directly together on technology content allows WSU students to get customized training for their projects. Some examples of custom training we have done this year are Word Press Overview and iMovie basics.

To discuss how the e-Warrior Digital Learning Center can assist you and your students with technology training for the classroom contact Chad Kjorlien, Faculty Professional Support Coordinator.